Bioresonance Therapy In The Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue

doctor or nurse holding a chalkboard with chronic fatigue syndrome written on it

Chronic fatigue is a condition experienced by a relatively large number of the population, but the condition is still not fully understood by experts and medical scientists. Lethargy and weakness are often the two most common symptoms associated with the condition, but people with diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome may experience many other unpleasant symptoms that […]

Bioresonance Therapy And Body Detoxification

green paper with a small piece ripped to reveal the word detoxification written in black font on white paper

The body is often called a temple, which is why many people who are trying to live a healthy life often try to implement ways in which they can reduce the number of toxins that they are exposed to. Unfortunately, in the modern world, toxins are found everywhere. Some common toxins that our bodies are […]

Bioresonance Therapy For Neck Pain

digital illustration of a body facing away holding their neck. red glow in the neck to indicate where the pain is

Neck pain is a prevalent condition that can sometimes cause deliberating pain, as well as accept nearby muscle groups in the region. Several studies have been performed to assist in determining the approximate epidemiology of the condition, but mixed results are usually found, making it difficult to provide an accurate figure. Some studies, however, have […]

Using Bioresonance to Treat Liver Cell Damage

digital illustration of a liver with zoomed in to show cells

The liver, like any other body organ, plays a vital role in maintaining us healthy and alive. Did you know that the liver the largest body organ? Did you also know that the liver is responsible for producing bile, proteins, cholesterol and blood clotting factors among many other things? But did you also know that […]