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How it works

Available bioresonance therapies

Weight loss
Skin conditions
Serious Illness
Intestinal disorders


The therapy works better when you are hydrated and therefore we request you have no coffee or alcohol on the day of treatment. We will need to place a mat electrode on your liver and kidney area which need to be on the skin so please wear suitable clothing. 


Bioresonance is a very gentle therapy but you may feel tired after the treatment. We measure your energy level on arrival and also conduct a test to see what is stressing your body at that time. Treatment involves a basic therapy followed by scar and geopathic stress and we always treat the elimination organs, lymph, liver and kidneys. The final treatment is based on the initial test results.

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Why us

Why choose a Bicom therapist?

Bicom Bioresonance machines are know within the industry to be the leading therapy device. Any therapist on this site will have a Bicom Optima or 2000 and will have regular training and have to conform to very high standards of patient care.

Who we are

Part of a 17,000 strong network

Reson8 are part of a global organisation of bicom bioresonance therapists consisting of doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, naturopaths and private therapists. We share best practice and white papers covering all modalities to bring you the best treatment.

What we do

Bioenergetic testing and treatment

We offer bioresonance diagnostics for a wide range of conditions followed by treatment. This treatment involves an holistic approach rather than just targeting a symptom, our aim is not to suppress or mask a symptom but remove the cause.

Clients quotes

“It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Thank you for emailing results. I would like to say thank you. Also to tell you that since this morning I have been shocked in a good way about how well I have been feeling. I managed to wake up before everyone today and make everyone breakfast and my son sandwiches for school and also do the washing up! I know may sound silly as normal people take this for granted. I also managed to pop outside and post blood test for Amandeep to you and have a little walk and go window shopping. I was able to make myself food after walk and have been able to do some cleaning and I feel as though I have energy.

It’s wonderful to feel well and pain free! I’m hoping this will last. The book has been ordered and so have the cleanses. I didn’t expect to feel as well as I do today, I’m not sure what you did yesterday and would like to say thank you.” K Kubar