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David and Chris run the clinic in Leeds and we support therapists around the country by testing their patients. Both of us have been trained and certified by the manufacturers and are fully insured with Balens. We are passionate about holistic health and you will learn a great deal during your visits with us. We like to be challenged, so the good news is, if you have been suffering with a mystery illness we work very hard to find out what is going on. We don’t treat symptoms – we look for the root cause.

We also don’t believe that there is a single solution to illnesses (apart from the immune system) so we use a number of diagnostic methods, such a your history, Bioresonance Testing, the latest Nonlinear analysis systems (NLS) and Live Blood Analysis. We then work with you to resolve the stress we find using a variety of methods. But the real test for our methods is in the results, please feel free to review the many comments in the testimonial section, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Child and bioresonance

Our Bicom therapists are fully trained by German Naturopaths and Doctors, it is essential that you use an approved therapist

Bioresonance is a non invasive treatment and diagnostic tool for health practitioners, however the effectiveness of the treatment and the beneficial experience is enhanced by the skill of the therapist.


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We encourage all our patients have a balanced and varied diet using organic fruit and vegetables. In an increasing busy and stressful life supplementation might be advisable. We personally use and as suggested by Dr P Kingsley JuicePlus capsules.

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Main Therapies

Initial Consultation

£190.00 £150.00
£80.00 £60.00

Main Therapies

Body Scan with report

£230.00 £159.00