5 Reasons Why Bioresonance is the Medicine of the Future

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  1. Looks at the cause of illness – not the symptoms

Diagnosis using conventional medical techniques is essential and very important. In most cases, the diagnosis describes the clinical picture but does not reveal the actual cause of the condition. For example, Chronic Fatigue is just a slightly more technical term to describe being tired most of the time, but it does not explain WHY the patient is tired. Oedema describes fluid retention but not WHY the body is retaining the fluid. Hypothyroidism is again just describing an underactive thyroid but not WHY. BICOM® Bioresonance practitioners understand that illness starts with the cells and are trained to look for what might be causing stress in the body. Often by removing this stress and working on the body in a holistic way, symptoms often subside.

  1. Is non-invasive – works harmoniously with the body

No adverse side effects have ever been recorded with bioresonance therapy. Medical insurance companies define it as one of the lowest risk complementary therapies. BICOM® therapy devices are unlike other devices that class themselves in a similar way. There is a big difference between a frequency generator and the BICOM® method.

Frequency generators

A generator has a database of stored manufactured frequencies which are sent to a patient with the intention of stimulating a response in the patient, inverted frequency patterns can sometimes cancel out or destroy a pathogenic frequency, a similar principle to noise cancelling headphones. This has been documented by a number of universities. This method can be effective in some patients and there is a module on the BICOM® for this type of therapy.

BICOM® Bioresonance

The BICOM® machine is unique as it has been designed to pick up the actual frequencies from the patient. For example, a liver that is stressed by pathogens will have a disturbed frequency pattern coming from the cells. The pathogens themselves will have their own frequency range. These various frequencies are picked up by the BICOM® machine via applicators placed in various of the body and body fluids such as blood, saliva, stool, urine. Similar to the already mentioned, swabs taken from a wound will contain good information such as white blood cells and waste material. All this information is filtered in the BICOM®, good information is strengthened and returned to the body and the harmful substances are inverted and returned to the body. This is one reason why the BICOM® is regarded as the leading therapy device and has over 16,000 devices being used worldwide. The results reported by hundreds of thousands of patients are a very strong testimony. The BICOM® is used by many vets and they report remarkable results which shows its not a Placebo effect.

  1. Does not use expensive and harmful drugs

Pharmaceutical drugs either if abused or taken as directed are a major cause of death worldwide. The side effects of medication are well known and no scientific evidence exists for the effects of multiple drugs being taken at once by a single patient. Drugs rarely cure a disease but rather manage or suppress symptoms.

Patients using Bioresonance on the other have reported benefits in many countries without the use of medication or it has helped with side effects from the medication they are taking.

  1. Works for all age groups in humans and animals

A number of doctors have been working for sometime treating disorders in fetuses still in the womb, this was documented in the Congress from Turkish Doctors treating Spina Bifida and with at risk pregnancies. So bioresonance is safe with newborn babies and children. A trained practitioner will know which programs are safe to use.  Many conditions have been treated particularly milk intolerance, vaccination damage, ADHD and other problems affecting the young.

Animals can be very rewarding patients and respond well to the right treatment. For instance, a cat will go and lay on the modulation mat if it wants the therapy and leave if its not the correct one. Video’s have been aired showing horses having treatment where they become so relaxed they want to lay down.

  1. Effective diagnostic tool and treatment for most known illness

Not many diagnostic tests give 100% proof of an illness and bioresonance is just the same, a good BICOM® therapist will not claim to diagnose an illness or will ever say “I have found cancer” or any other condition. Rather it can be an important tool in identifying underlying causes of illness. It can find stress in the body that cannot be picked up in a blood test. Conventional blood tests are essential but often miss important information and cannot be used as a single diagnostic method, past infection may not be detectable in the blood but could still excerpt a stress on the patient. The body can store substances in the fatty tissues or mucus membranes. This is why a therapist may detect this stress but the blood results show negative.

Even Tesla are releasing frequency medicine devices, you can read about it here

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