Book extract: Allergies and treatment protocol

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This book sounds like a modern fairy tale.

All people and names are fictitious. Similarities with living persons are not coincidental, but rather intended.

Treating Allergies through Oscillation – What is this?

First of all, it is a somewhat helpless description for a previously unknown phenomenon in the medical field.

There are patients with hay fever. When the warm spring wind carries the flowering petals of the birch trees in early April, many people, young and old, hardly dare to go outside. A runny nose and itchy eyes will plague them for several weeks. Some pollen victims decide to give bioresonance allergy therapy a try. After only a few treatments, they will once again sit under the neighbour’s birch tree and enjoy the spring sun without problems.

There are pet lovers who suffer from asthma and are asked to give up their cats because they have trouble breathing when they cuddle with their pet. After a few bio resonance therapies they can play with their cat without any problems. To this day, pets are still part of the family.

There are children with neurodermatitis. They are tested via a procedure using energetic diagnosis. They will have to cut out a number of intolerable foods for a period of time, while at the same time receiving intestinal cleansing treatment. After several weeks of bio resonance therapy, most children experience a clearing of their skin without cortisone creams, and they can once again eat any-thing they like.

Magic? Imagination? These are only a few examples of many thousands of patients who have been treated successfully with bioresonance therapy.

 What is an Allergy?

Allergy and the Immune System

In the course of thousands of years, our immune system has developed an endlessly complicated yet extremely effective defence mechanism. It protects our body from causative organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Various groups of white blood corpuscles with bizarre names such as lymphocytes, killer cells and phagocytes, etc. are in the front line. They themselves may fight the battle, sacrifice themselves for their host organisms or produce and send dangerous weapons called “antibodies”.

In order to fulfil their responsibility to fight foreign intruders everywhere, these white blood corpuscles “patrol” blood and lymph pathways.

This is the only way for them to show up at a “theatre of war” on short notice. Particularly important organs and tissues for the production and coordination of this “defence army” are: bone marrow, liver, spleen, thymus gland and “lymphatic” tissue such as tonsils, appendix and the lymph nodes everywhere in the body. The lymph nodes in the intestine are of particularly great significance. They represent about 70% of our total immune system. Therefore, as you’ll see later on, a well-functioning intestine is quite important when treating allergies. Our immune system learned to distinguish “foreign” tissue from “the body’s own” tissue. It spares the “good” and fights the “evil”! An allergy is a misinterpretation of the immune system, whereby the immune system reacts to substances, which are normally not harmful for the body such as pollen, fur, food, etc.

The goal of an effective allergy treatment is to correct those erroneous immune-reactions

What is Bioresonance?

In the seventies, Dr. Morell, a German physician, thought of using electromagnetic oscillations emitted from patients’ bodies or from substances for therapy. He and an engineer named Raschke developed a device, which they called the MORA device (as in Morell and Raschke).

This idea continued to be developed. The device was optimized with emerging computer technologies and eventually sold as BICOM (Bio Communication). This new type of therapy became known as BIORESONANCE or BIO-INFORMATION THERAPY. These days, a considerable number of other therapy devices are being sold which are based on the original idea. However, they differ from one another technically. Each device is only as good as its user and his/her training and education. Even if you want to play the piano, it is not enough to just buy the instrument. We will demonstrate different approaches to therapies using the BICOM® device in the following pages.

This device was used early on to support allergy treatments. Creative ideas, the experiences of many therapists and rapid technical development enabled the bio resonance allergy therapy to reach today’s high standards.

Due to this development and the experiences with many thousands of patients, it is possible today to treat allergies with a success rate of over WA.

Let us go into more detail to understand the principle behind bio resonance

The word “allergy” comes from the Greek word “alos” and signifies “other.” The Viennese paediatrician Felix von Pirquet coined the word “allergy” for the first time at the beginning of the twentieth century. He defined it as follows: “An allergy is a body’s counter-reaction to a substance which caused sensitization.”

What constitutes an allergy?

  1. A “body’s counter-reaction” – the symptoms of a disease, i.e., itchy, watery eyes, exanthema, etc.
  2. A “substance” to which there is an allergic reaction, i.e., pollen, fur, food, etc. This substance is called an “allergen”.
  3. “Sensitization” – at least one of the points of contact the allergens had with the body resulted in immunoreactions. As a rule, once the body is sensitized to an allergen, it will react the same way every time it comes in contact with the allergen. This results in the same symptoms, however, possibly with varying degrees of intensity.

Unfortunately, many doctors consider calling it an allergy only when specific tests (skin or blood tests) show an immunological reaction.

According to the definition above, a positive skin test to the “house dust mite” without accompanying symptoms does not demonstrate an allergy whereas a repeatedly occurring reaction to a certain food is an allergy even if skin and blood tests are negative.

Some allergy specialists differentiate “allergies” from “pseudo allergies” or “intolerances.” To the patient, it does not really matter if he suffers from “intolerance,” a “pseudo allergy” or an “actual allergy.” He would like to be free of the symptoms.

Note: Any allergic reactions you may have to work, school, your boss, or your spouse is not an allergy as per the above definition.

A New View of the World?

Since Albert Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity,” we have known that the classical laws of physics and chemistry may not apply any longer in at least a few areas that make up our reality. This is particularly the case in the world of the “smallest parts,” the atoms, their components and the strength/power of their interaction with each other. Once again, we had to correct and expand our scientific view of the world. It was not the first time that this happened in the past few centuries.

We had to learn that matter is only one way energy manifests itself. Electromagnetic rays such as electricity and light are other types of manifestations of energy. These non-material energies are also summarized as quantum interactions.

These include electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, fields of gravity, etc. The ratio matter to quantum interactions is 1:1000000000. To spell it out: One to one billion!

Now, take a deep breath and think about this number. Everything you see and feel around you is only a billionth part of our reality.

All particle matter (atoms and molecules) interacts with other particle matter via a complicated net of such fields and rays. Groups of particle matter emit a particular and unique spectrum of electromagnetic rays. This unique spectrum of frequencies for a particular particle matter is like a physics code. Naturally, the law of the entire universe also applies to living beings and the human body. Scientists have indeed found evidence that living cells send and receive electro-magnetic frequencies. These so-called bio-photons possess such low radiation that they can only be measured by means of cell cultures in the laboratory. Measuring this type of radiation in a living human being is technically impossible at the present time. This minimal radiation would drown in general “back-ground noise.” The body’s cells, however, are capable of receiving any frequency, if it contains information for them no matter how minimal it may be.

Much points to the fact that these ultra-fine electromagnetic rays (also known as oscillations or waves) are not only “by-products” that happen to be created during the metabolic processes, but indeed fulfil an important function

Aeromagnetic oscillations seem to be the method of between agglomerations and tissue, whereby big  in flu rolls ( i.e., the A, our “hereditary molecule”) with their spiral-like, dimension  structure AS little antennae. This “walkie-talkie” communication among the cells happens incredibly fast, much faster than using molecules as “information carriers” communicate. Each of the body’s cells registers more than 2000 chemical; tons per second. Those reactions are by no means chaotic, but controlled coordinated. Controlling molecules at speeds that incredibly fast is almost possible. It is, however, conceivable that an electromagnetic control system is at a higher level.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly2n8lFZMeM[/embedyt]

Resonance Phenomena in the

Medical Field

Everything vibrates! The universe vibrates, the planet vibrates, the human being vibrates, organs vibrate. The lung vibrates at a different frequency than the liver. Sick tissue has a different vibration than healthy tissue.

Body cells can receive and send electromagnetic oscillations. How does one little poor cell know which one of the many billion oscillations in this vast “ocean of waves” is meant for it in particular? It knows it the same way your radio does. If you tune your radio to a certain, exactly defined frequency, it will find the station that is broadcasting the music you want to listen to from a host of surrounding frequencies. It works at the exact moment when the oscillations of the sender and the receiver resonate with each other. Resonance also happens when a singer hits a note at the same frequency as a wine glass is oscillating and thus causes the glass to break. Resonance also happens when a cell receives an electromagnetic oscillation meant exactly for that cell.

How can we use this phenomenon in the medical field?

We use special applicators that conduct electricity to measure frequencies emitted from a diseased area of the body. An electro cable conducts this frequency information. This is possible since, just as is the case with electricity, we are dealing with electromagnetic oscillations. This frequency pattern is now fed into a device that modulates this information. Depending on the desired end result of the therapy, this frequency information is lowered, intensified or “inverted.” An electromagnetic filtration system has the ability to focus on the oscillations presently needed. This modulated frequency information is fed via an electro cable to a different applicator connected to the body. The body is “stimulated” when it resonates with this “healing oscillation.” This allows for “frequency causing disturbances” that produces illnesses to be toned down or neutralized while healthy oscillations can be supported and strengthened. Changing the body’s frequency pattern influences metabolic biochemical reactions.

The goal of this treatment is to supply the body with a “healing impulse” to support its healing process and the normalization of its metabolic processes.

This process is now called bio resonance therapy, and the instrument needed for the therapy is called a bio resonance therapy device.

Electromagnetic oscillations and resonance phenomena also play an important role in treating allergies as the positive results using bio resonance therapy prove

Water Carrying Information

The chemical formula for water is “H2O.” The water molecule consists of an oxygen (“0”) atom and two hydrogen (“H”) atoms. The oxygen pole of the molecule carries a positive charge, whereas the two hydrogen poles carry a negative electrical charge. This creates a dipole which functions like a little magnet. Opposite poles attract, like poles repel each other. Many water molecules coming together create an infinite number of interactions of attracting and repelling forces. Are these interactions chaotic or structured?

Depending on the temperature, water either exists in solid form (snow, ice), in liquid form (liquids) or as a gas (steam, clouds). If you look at frost patterns on the window and snowflakes under the microscope, you’ll see that water in its solid form is capable of making an infinite number of crystals. No two snow-flakes are alike. If a chemist examines two snowflakes, he will find that both flakes are completely identical, because, chemically speaking, they are H2O. He cannot see the different crystalline structures. If we increase the temperature, our beautiful crystals melt and convert into – at first sight – an unstructured liquid. This causes complex movements of molecules. On the basis of continual forces of attraction and repulsion, the molecules slide past each other and can form “loose” or more “stable” molecular structures and “molecular clouds.” The technical jargon calls this a cluster structure of water. It is believed that these cluster structures, at times quite stable, contain a so-called information aspect, similar to the crystals in the snowflakes. The electromagnetic oscillations emit-ted from those cluster structures are as specific and unique as the structures themselves. Vice versa, it is also conceivable that the information content of water changes when certain cluster structures are built up or broken down by external electromagnetic waves. No chemist in the world would be able to find the difference between two drops of water, even if they contain completely different information. If you ask a chemist to analyse a CD containing music by Beethoven and a CD with music by the Beetles, he will say they are both identical. He cannot assess the information contained in them. So far, nobody has invented a “CD player” for water molecules.

Water and the Body

70% of the body is made up of water. Our body has an endless capacity to receive, store and send electromagnetic information in its cells. Solely through our daily water intake from beverages or food our body is provided with information – be it negative or positive.

Healing Water

Not only does water from various springs differ in its chemical composition or its mineral content, it also has individual electromagnetic oscillation patterns. When the oscillation of the water starts to resonate with the body’s “frequency of the disease,” “healing stimuli” may occur. Particularly effective springs are known as medicinal springs or even “holy” springs. It is possible that some “miracle cures” are caused, at least, in part, by such resonance phenomena.


A substance of plant, animal or mineral origin is diluted and shaken in an aqueous liquid according to exactly established principles. According to the founders of homeopathy, this frees and activates the “spirit” of the substance. This is called potentising. Common potencies are 1:10 (decimal or D-potencies) or 1:100 (centesimal or C-potencies). A D4 potency corresponds to a dilution of 1:10 to the power of 4, that is to say 1:10000; a C12 potency corresponds to a dilution of 1:100 to the power of 12, that is to say 1:1000000000000000000000000.

Many homeopaths work with high potencies, for example, a C200 or D1000. This page would hardly be big enough to write the numbers of zeros below the line of the fraction. It is therefore not surprising that many doctors and scientists smile at homeopaths. How can a drop of a substance have any effect when it is diluted in the Pacific Ocean?

On the other hand, thousands of serious patients report successful healings by means of the seeming “nothingness.” If you read the previous pages carefully, you’ll know that the “spirit” of homeopathic substances is nothing but poetized electromagnetic information carried in water. The trick is for the homeopath to find the “right” substance in the “right” potency. At that moment the frequency in the information of the substance can resonate frequency of the patient’s disease and trigger the “healing impulse.”


Bioresonance therapy device can transfer vibrational in formation of substances or the body directly to a living organism or into a liquid. These information carriers act just like homeopathic remedies and can extend therapeutic acts. Don’t be surprised when your bioresonance therapist will prescribe you little with “nothing” to take or rub in.

Diagnosing Allergies

“Diagnosis precedes treatment,” the Gods say. The correct and effective treatment of a disease is based on the correct diagnosis (Greek: “recognize, discern”). What diagnostic possibilities are at our disposal to treat allergies?


Anamnesis (Greek: “recollection”) is the thorough questioning of a patient about his complaints. How long has he had them? When do they occur? All year around or at particular times during the year’? In certain places? Are they brought about in contact with certain materials or animals? After having certain foods or beverages? The answers will give an experienced therapist many hints as to possible allergens.

Allergy Skin Tests

Most common are:

Scratch test: Scratching the skin after applying the allergen.

Prick test: Injects an allergen into the skin.

Epicutan test: The skin is exposed to an allergen for a certain period of time.

Redness or the development of wheal shows sensitization.

Allergy Blood Tests

RAST test: Lab test to find antibodies to suspected allergens in blood. Lymphocyte transformation test (LTT): Lab test to examine the reaction of leukocytes to food allergens.

Allergy provocation test: The patient will take the suspected allergen, and/or is administered the allergen via the eye, nose or bronchioles. A diagnosis is established, if the expected reaction occurs. This test is rarely done in practice as it is quite costly, takes a long time and may be dangerous.

Positive skin and blood tests show that the immune system has already grappled with a particular substance. This could have resulted in sensitization. It is called an allergy when certain symptoms occur after exposure to an allergen. negative reaction does not necessarily mean an allergy does not exist! Unfortunately, the results of anamnesis, skin, blood and provocation tests do not ways concur. Different test methods show different results, and the same test inducted by different allergologists can lead to different outcomes.

You can order a blood test from www.blood-test.co.uk

Energetic Allergy Testing

BICOM® allergy tests “compare” the vibrational information of a substance to a patient’s frequency spectrum. In this context, it is crucial to find out to what will resonance phenomena can be shown to occur due to an overlapping oI both vibrational properties. The most common methods applied are the kinesiological muscle test, the allergy resonance test with tensor and electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll. By applying one of these methods it can be determined if a patient is allergic to a particular substance or if lox icily exists. The substances used for testing are usually kept in sealed glass tubes, which eliminate direct contact with them. Electromagnetic oscillations (i.e., light!), however, can pass through the glass unimpeded.

Kinesiological Muscle Testing

It is fascinating to observe that muscle strength diminishes after the organism has been exposed to “negative” vibrational information. The reflex of the muscle’s resistance decreases. Usually the muscle of the upper arm is used for the test. The patient extends the arm and the tester exerts constant pressure to push it down. The substances to be tested or their information will be given to the patient directly or via appropriate devices. An allergen or toxic substance can then cause muscle weakness.

Allergy Resonance Test with Tensor

A tensor is a physical device the tester holds in his hand. It consists of a handle, a wire and the “sensor element” which can be a ring, ball or small “satellite dish” depending on the type of tensor. The tensor is placed between the oscillating substance and the vibration of the patient. This creates a vibrational field that causes the tensor to move “to and fro” or “up and down.” Looking at the type of “resonance movement,” an experienced tester can assess if a substance is harmless for an organism, an allergen or a toxin.

Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV)

A test device will measure the skin resistance level at certain acupuncture Acupuncture Penpoints primarily at the hands and feet. Deviations from the normal level show an energetic disturbance in tissue or organs, which are connected with this point reflectorily by fine nerve fibres. If the vibrational information of a substance is placed into the “range of measurement” the acupuncture measurement may immediately change. This reaction tells the tester if this substance is harmless for the body, an allergen or a toxin.

The methods mentioned here can be learned by anyone who is open-minded. It is important to attend specific classes or seminars. You do not need any special mental powers even if, to some patients at their first treatment, it looks like magic.

Practical Use of the Bio Resonance


After having questioned and examined you thoroughly, and conducted an energetic test, the therapist will have obtained a holistic picture of the state of your health. He will then devise a therapy plan that takes into consideration any allergies and contaminants.

You are then ready your first therapy session.

You will sit down in a comfortable chair next to the bio resonance therapy device. Sometimes patients lie down while being treated. Electrodes connected to cables are placed on your body.

Remember: Our bodies’ vibrational information behaves like “standard” electromagnetic oscillations and can therefore be conducted via “standard” electro cables. I would like to emphasize again that these cables do not conduct electricity!

The tingling that you may feel is solely the vibrational information of your body or a substance that the device amplified, lessened, inverted or changed otherwise.

These cables are then hooked up to applicators, which come in contact with various parts of your body. These applicators are designed to “register” the body’s vibrations measuring certain tissues or organs and to feed their vibrational signals into the device via the cables. The applicators also “carry” the vibrational information, changed during therapy, from the device to the body.

Electrodes come in all shapes and forms. There are flat metal applicators for the feet; shiny golden, ball-like applicators for the hands; black, flexible applicators for uneven body parts; small applicators with flat, rounded or pointed ends; applicators with or without magnets – there is an assortment of all different kinds of instruments.

Being the effective and blessed accessories they are, applicators have been designed and tested for years by successful therapists.

After you have been connected to the bio resonance therapy device via the applicators and cables, the therapist can select the therapy programs with the push of a button.

flow can the device measure the subtle energies of the body and how does it ‘mow in what way the vibrational signal needs to be changed?

The device does not think! It does not “measure” and “knows” nothing. The device carries the electromagnetic vibrations of the body or a substance “without measuring” and changes them according to the program selected. Let’s compare this device with a mirror. A mirror can return electromagnetic oscillations (light) without having “measured” them first. Depending on the shape of the mirror, the “picture” can be magnified or reduced. It can also be turned upside down (“inverted,” i.e., using a concave mirror). Adding a filter in the middle certain oscillations can be taken out, others can pass through. Filtering white light through a red filter allows only the long wavered frequencies to pass through. The device also does not know if it needs to amplify, lessen the ‘frequency, invert it or use a particular frequency for an individual. The therapist will decide this based on his energetic tests and experience. In the case of allergies, the vibrational information of the allergen is usually “inverted” and decreased or increased gradually.

How can substances be tested and changed by therapeutic means inside glass tubes that is to say without direct contact to the substance?

We do not test and use the material component for therapy as is done for skin sets or hypo sensitization (injecting allergen extract into the skin).

We test and use the immaterial, electromagnetic vibration of the allergen for therapy and it can pass through glass unimpeded (just like “light”).

‘receding the actual allergy therapy, it is customary to run through some pre-programs” to stabilize the body energetically or release therapy blockages.

Among these are, for example, programs for basic therapy, metabolism, and infusion of meridians, thymus therapy, hormone balancing therapy and scarification therapy. Your therapist will decide which one of these pre-treatments is useful and/or necessary in your case.

Using Bio resonance Therapy to treat Allergies

Over the last several years, creative therapists have devised various methods to Treat allergies using the bio resonance therapy device. I would like to introduce the two most common methods.

Using Inverted Oscillation to Treat Allergies

The tested allergen is placed in a container-like applicator. The allergen’s electromagnetic oscillations are fed into the device via a cable. The device inverts the vibrational information electronically. It creates a “reverse oscillation” by physically reversing a so-called “synchronized wave,” turning it into a mirror image. This reversed wave can be amplified, lessened or changed by filtering out certain frequencies, as needed.

This reverse oscillation is passed on to the patient via special applicators connected to cables. It is customary to use ball applicators, which the patient holds in his hand and a big magnetic pad attached to his back.

Imagine your body as a computer and you had a program on your hard drive called: “When in contact with cat hail; please start having a runny nose!” If we could delete, neutralize (whatever it is called) the original program introducing an appropriate “counter program” (a healthy “computer virus”), you will no longer get a runny nose when you come in contact with cat hair!

Allergy Therapy Using Acupuncture Meridians

The tested allergen needs body contact and is placed on the lower abdomen or the temples for example, areas especially susceptible to allergies. Special applicators then register the vibrational information of the patient’s “allergy afflicted” body (i.e., via an applicator in the neck or certain acupuncture points.) This pathological information is fed into the device via cables and changed by means of a specific program. Another set of cables and applicators return the resulting “healthy vibrations” to the body (via the acupuncture points or the magnetic pad). At this point, the start and end points of certain acupuncture meridians are treated. This method of flooding the meridians while in contact with the allergen, balances the body energetically. Subsequently, the body gets used to the allergen and no longer reacts to it.

Even though these are two distinct therapy methods, they can be combined without problems

Irksome House Dust

Twenty -year old Tim has had a congested nose since he was eight years old. Every morning he has to blow his nose to get it to “open up.” He starts sneezing while dusting, when the fan is on in the car or he has to handle old files at the office. Various allopathic examinations revealed an allergy to house dust mites. Instead of heeding the advice to convert his cosy bedroom into a sterile operation room and say goodbye to his dog, Tim went to see a Bio resonance therapist. Besides the known allergy to house dust mites, he also found an intolerance to cows milk and yeast occurring in the intestine and maxillary sinus. Tim brings fresh house dust from his vacuum, the car and the office. After six weekly bioresonance treatments, his nose is hardly ever congested and, no matter where he is, he no longer sneezes. He continues to live happily with his dog and the carpet in his bedroom. There is just one disadvantage: His girlfriend ordered him to do the dusting again!

A house dust mite allergy is the most common airborne allergy. Symptoms can range from somewhat itchy eyes to heavy bronchial asthma. Not all positive skin ems show a definite mite allergy. Often other allergens like featherbeds, mold Fungi or food allergies contribute to the symptoms.

Your Dear Pets

Seven-year-old Anne is about to cry. The little kitten needs to go as Anne gets itchy eyes and a runny nose when she spends a short time in the same room with the kitten. When her mother enters the house wearing her riding pants, Anne has an asthma attack. She can go nowhere near the riding stable. After three bio resonance therapies using cat and horsehair, Anne can now play with her cat again without problems and her mother even takes her horseback riding.

Bioresonance therapy almost always successfully treats allergies to fur and dander, so that in the end, pets can stay in the family. Besides bringing the allergen extracts to therapy, it is important to bring hairs of your own pets (or of grandmother’s or the neighbour’s pets) as different breeds may cause very different reactions. Some people are allergic to dachshunds or poodles, others to boxers or shepherd dogs. Many therapists end up with an assortment of hairs from cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, feathers of canaries, budgerigars, parrots… fish (?), no, they don’t have any hair. Fish food, however, is known to have caused allergic reactions, so has cage bedding for hamsters and birds as well as hay and straw for horses.

In the case of lamb’s wool allergies, reactions to sweaters, fleece and wool blankets come to mind. Farmers rarely have their allergies to cows, goats or chickens treated to be able to continue to work.

Maria works in an animal laboratory at a large pharmaceutical company. She is allergic to the white rats and mice and starts sneezing and coughing when she comes in contact with them. Her professional association has advised her to switch jobs. She decides to give bio resonance a try. After just a few therapy sessions, she is working in the lab again, free from symptoms. It was difficult to convince the professional association that she no longer needed a different job.

Food Intolerances

Monica no longer eats strawberries. Every time she bites into one of the juicy id berries, she gets a rash on her upper body and can’t stop itching. Robert ends up with diarrhoea after eating any milk product, and hazelnuts in cake cause Michael to have an asthma attack.

Acute allergic reactions to food can appear shortly after eating a particular food or several hours later. Symptoms range from itching, rash, stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, itchy eyes, sneezing to asthma attacks and allergic shock. Bunt pain or psychic reactions are not as common. Among the most common, allergens are: dairy products, chicken eggs, fish, different kinds of fruit such as apples, strawberries, citrus fruit; vegetables, i.e., tomatoes, onions, peppers and celery.

Some patients react to food contaminated with sprays, pesticides or mold fungi. Reactions to food additives like food colouring and preservatives are on the rise. Among those are glutamate, benzoic acid and many more of the “E-labelled” substances.

Alter several bio resonance therapy sessions Monica enjoys strawberry ice cream again, Robert his cheese and curd for breakfast and Michael savers chocolate cake with nuts again. Neither one of them experiences any allergic symptoms doing so.

When Pollen is in the Air

When the first rays of the April sun wake up nature and warm people’s hearts, Alf is from catching spring fever. He hides in a darkened room and does not (tare to go outside unless he has taken plenty of allergy medication. Otherwise, achy eves, a runny nose and asthmatic symptoms will torment him for weeks. At o friend’s recommendation, he drags himself to see a bio resonance therapist, who immediately treats his current birch allergy using allergen extract and freshly picked birch pollen. It just took two sessions for the acute symptoms to disappear almost completely. In the following weeks, he undergoes further treatment for chronic food allergies and allergies to grass and grain pollen the 14 .sty revealed. Spring and summer are worth living for Alf once again!

Pollen allergies are among the typical seasonal allergies. Depending on the weather, reactions to early blooming plants occur as early as January (hazel, alder, willow) or in April (birch) followed by grass, herbs and grain (rye, wheat, barley). Late summer troublemakers are Artemisia and ragweed. The highest level of pollen is in the air when it is sunny and dry. If the symptoms stay the same when it is rainy and wet, consider getting tested for mold allergy. Environmental contaminants may cause pollen to become more aggressive. Heavy metals, pesticides, car and industry exhaust fumes change the pollen structure. Even when patients were treated successfully, symptoms may recur, if environmental pollution changed drastically. Birch pollen is a good example for this phenomenon. The birch is a tree that “cleans” the air. Unfortunately, many environmental toxins are stored in the leaves and pollen, which causes the latter to become particularly aggressive. Occasionally, changes in environmental pollution may cause the pollen structure to change from one year to the next. Some patients who had already been treated may show allergic reactions again. ‘They will have to be treated again using freshly picked pollen.

Some people get a runny nose when they smell freshly cut grass or flowering plants. This is called a “scent,” not a “pollen allergy,” and can also be treated successfully and without problems using bio resonance therapy.

Chronic Allergies

Tom has been plagued by neuroderinatitis. Allopathic allergy tests showed negative results. He has not been able to determine a direct correlation between the foods he eats and the subsequent reactions. An energetic test shows a “chronic allergy” to cow’s milk and wheat. Doubting the test result, as he feels he never had a reaction to these products, he nevertheless adheres to a strict diet. After several days, his skin condition improves. On his birthday, he lets himself be talked into eating a small piece of cake. The next day, the neurodermatitis flares up immediately, his skin is as bad as it used to be. Tom is now convinced that the allergy was diagnosed correctly! Alter dieting strictly again, his skin quickly improves.

Cow’s milk and wheat are two foods that people in our culture have been in constant contact with almost daily since early childhood. If allergies run in a family, it is not surprising that somebody may be more sensitive to one or the other (or both). Due to daily contact with the allergen, the person develops a chronic allergy, also called “larval” or “hidden” allergy rather than an acute allergy. Diagnosing this kind of allergy is all the more difficult as there are neither immediate symptoms nor can antibodies be found in the blood (in most cases). This is also called “masking” an allergy.

Among these diseases are chronic allergies such as chronic inflammation of the skin (eczema, neurodermatitis), the mucous membranes (chronic sinusitis, bronchial asthma), the digestive system (colitis) or other non-specific symptoms affecting muscles and joints (“soft tissue rheumatism”), the bladder (irritable bladder), or a changing psyche (hyperactivity).

If a patient completely eliminates cow’s milk and wheat from his diet for three days (abstinence), he will notice a peculiar phenomenon: the allergy up to now “larval” or “hidden” is “damasked”. The body now reacts to these foods as if it were an acute allergy. In many cases, there is an immediate strong reaction. During this therapy phase, the patient may experience heightened sensitivity to these foods for a period of time. It is important the patient is aware of this from the very beginning.

Besides cow’s milk and wheat, other substances can act like chronic allergens especially when they are prevalent in the body. Mercury in amalgam fillings or candida-fungi, as seen in intestinal mycoses, can cause chronic allergies.

Having undergone bio resonance therapy successfully; Tom’s chronic skin condition has almost healed and he can eat dairy and wheat products again without waiting to react them. Bring on the next party!

When your skin Itches

Every night, three-year-old Kevin scratches until he starts bleeding. Ever since he was six months old and weaned, he developed wet eczema. First it appeared in the elbow bends and at the back of the knees, later in his face and upper body. The paediatrician diagnosed it as neurodermatitis and prescribed cortisone creams and baths. Kevin was too young to undergo allergy tests.

A bioresonance therapist, who did an energetic test, found a chronic allergy to cow’s milk, intestinal fungi, acute allergies to tomatoes and nuts and intolerability to fluoride tablets. He was immediately taken off the allergenic foods and fluoride tablets. The intestinal fungi were wiped out with the help of diet and medication. This, by itself already changed the skin significantly. The cow’s milk allergy was treated using bio resonance therapy, the allergies to tomatoes and nuts disappeared by themselves. After several therapy sessions, Kevin experienced a short-term worsening of symptoms, a so-called “initial hypersensitive After three months, his skin had almost cleared up and he was able to eat everything.

Neurodermatitis is most commonly caused by chronic food allergies to cow’s milk and wheat. Consuming these almost daily makes it difficult to see the correlation between eating them and the subsequent symptoms.

In most cases intestinal fungi (usually candida) causes neurodermatitis. Acute food allergies lead to an immediate reaction after having eaten; among these are reactions to tomatoes, carrots, citrus fruit or Pod additives.

Being in contact with soaps, ointments, water (!) and dust may cause allergies. Other contaminants that play a role for some children include viral infections, reactions to vaccinations, fluoride, medication or amalgam (passed on by the mother during pregnancy).

Often times the psyche also causes allergies or contributes to worsening them. Neurodermatitis in adults is usually more difficult to treat. The longer somebody has had a disease, the more additional allergies and contaminants accumulate over the years. Therapy takes more time and is more complicated. Nevertheless, many patients are successfully treated.

When you Cannot Breathe

Leo always carries his inhaler. For years he has been suffering from hyper-sensitive bronchioles. In the early morning hours he wakes up wheezing and ends up coughing. Each cold immediately turns into spastic bronchitis. Birch pollen the air or a horse in a circus performance cause asthma attacks. When he is excited and stressed, he has hard time breathing.

Smoke, cold air and allergy causing substances stimulate a “hyper reactive bronchial system” and cause the mucous membrane to “over-react.” The bronchioles “constrict” and produce more phlegm. This blocks the flow of air, in particular during the outbreath, and leads to wheezing and groaning. In the case of bronchial asthma, there is also a chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane. Heavy asthma attacks can be fatal for the affected.

Chronic food allergies, fungi or various airborne allergies may cause chronic inflammation. A chronic bronchitis, over several years, may “expand” the microscopically small air vesicles in the lung and eventually lead to pulmonary emphysema.

Leo underwent bio resonance therapy. He had a chronic “wheat allergy” coupled with a mold fungi contamination in the bronchioles and paranasal sinuses. He was also treated for allergies to house dust, birch pollen and horse hair. Eventually he no longer needed to take medication constantly and he can also mil the circus again. These days he only needs his inhaler when he has a had ohl or is under extreme stress.

Allergies and Teeth

“Were there any special circumstances at the time that you first noticed your condition? Did you recently undergo an operation, were you involved in an accident, were you pregnant, did you give birth, get shots, have teeth pulled or were you subject to a lot of stress?”, asked the therapist. Sabine thought about it: “Actually, nothing special has happened at all. Quite a bit of stress at the office. Ahhh, wait a minute, I think that it was around that time that I got my new gold crowns … yeah, just a few days later my tongue started to burn and then I broke out and started getting these headaches!”

After energetic testing, the therapist finds an amalgam contamination and an allergic reaction to the gold plating.

The discussion concerning amalgam contamination is never-ending. For most naturopathic therapists, the discussion is moot however. Mercury, which is the main ingredient of amalgam, is a toxic heavy metal and does not belong in the human body! Countless reports of diseases that have been cured or partially cured by the removal of amalgam fillings and subsequent residual toxins are substantial proof. A substance that has been declared as being dangerous for pregnant women and for children is not likely to be healthy for the rest of the human race either.

Amalgam is not the only evil in the mouth. Every type of metal and/or plastic that is not an original part of the body can be potentially dangerous in individual cases. This can cause a systemic allergic reaction. In addition, if more than one type of metal exists in the mouth a measurable amount of electrical voltage and mouth current is produced. These are also causing health problems. It is not the pure gold, but normally the other metals in gold plating that are responsible for allergic reactions. Metals and plastics in pins, implants and braces can all be potential causes of allergies.

Each tooth has its own energetic relationship to certain acupuncture meridians, body parts and organs. Dentists working holistically know that “dead teeth”, cysts and chronic toothaches can cause organ diseases. On the other hand, sick organs can sometimes show up as “toothaches.”

Bioresonance therapy can now be used before and after dental treatment. Detoxification and elimination of heavy metal toxins happens faster. Consequently, the body no longer reacts to the allergen.

Sabine got her remaining fillings removed and with minerals, vitamins, homeopathic and bio resonance therapy, she also purged her system of the toxin. The gold plating that was left was made harmless using bio resonance allergies After just a few weeks, the burning sensation in her tongue was gone, her skin was back to normal and the headaches had disappeared.

Do you Need to Switch Jobs?

There are still people that feel attracted to certain careers or activities. It makes it much harder when they realise that their chosen profession is the cause of ailment. In many jobs, contact with certain elements cannot be avoided. What is to be done if one of these substances causes a serious allergy when it is touched by the affected individual? If that individual cannot be moved to a suitable position within the company, quite often the only solution is re-schooling. This puts a strain on the affected individual and the company.

Many patients were able to avoid an otherwise necessary re-education with successful bio resonance therapy.

A few examples from daily life:

  • The painter who is allergic to certain types of paint.
  • The rancher who is allergic to cow hair.
  • The chemist who reacts to certain medical dusts.
  • The roofer who breaks out when working with cement and plaster.
  • The nutritionist who is allergic to milk protein.
  • The hairdresser who is allergic to certain hair colour.
  • The business woman who has sneezing attacks when she smells customers perfume.
  • The janitor who has an allergy against mildew.
  • The engineer who has neurodermatitis caused by dust in the work environment.
  • The hunter who is allergic to wild animal fur.
  • The cook who is allergic to a certain spice.
  • The farmhand who coughs when he is close to chicken feathers.
  • The butcher who has problems working with curing salts.
  • The scientist who is allergic to disinfectant.
  • The bar tender whose eyes cannot handle heavy cigarette smoke.
  • The postman who is allergic to printer’s ink.
  • The florist who is allergic to flowering plants.
  • The carpenter who was subject to asthma attacks when the shop got dusty.
  • The framer who coughed when working with preserved wood.
  • The watchmaker who was allergic to oil.
  • The saleswoman who had dizzy spells when unpacking the chemically treated clothing articles.
  • The wool merchant who was allergic to wool (you guessed it) 1 I1( (1(.11iist who was allergic to latex gloves
  • All of them were able to carry on working because of successful bio resonance therapy.


Monika is 45 years old. She has had neurodermatitis since she was six months old. When she was four years old, she was afflicted with spastic bronchitis, which two years later developed into bronchial asthma on top of it all. Puberty brought on hay fever. Animal hair allergies came shortly after which included and horses. As she became older, the foodstuff allergies increased and she reacted more and more severely to fragrances and preservatives found in food. A multitude of visits to the doctor, allergy tests, hypo sensitisation treatments for several years and many visits to health resorts were already behind her. Her quality of life was extremely depreciated. She could only a handle a few different types of food and could take on a minimum of business responsibilities. Three times a day, she took a handful of medication, the side of which have left many scars.

Naturally, not all of the chronic disabilities that were built-up over years can be healed completely. Irreversible organ damage, emphysema in the lungs for example, cannot ever be reconstructed even with the best specialists. Bio resonance therapy is promising. The treatment is long and drawn-out (several months to years) and demands much patience, motivation and co-operation. Last but not least, the patient has a financial burden to cope with. An experienced therapist will start off with stabilizing therapeutic programs along with supporting homeopathic aids, vitamins and minerals. Afterwards, therapy blocks are treated systematically and the toxin discharge is activated.

Cleansing the bowels is necessary. A corresponding diet is used to treat both the chronic allergies and the remaining acute allergies. Quite often the teeth must be treated correctly. Normally, quality of life is improved and a reduction in the intake of medication is resultant.

Monika was treated using the bio resonance therapy for a period of 12 months. Her skin condition improved, she is hardly affected by the asthma at all anymore, she can eat almost anything again and she can go and visit her friends with animals. Monika has more energy; she has developed a new lust for life and doesn’t rely on all of those medications. Her life has been made much more liveable even with her illness.

Disruptive Frequencies

Once you have come to terms with the fact that everything in us has a “vibrational frequency”, then you can understand that there is vibrational information which is either synchronous with the bio resonance therapy, hinders it in Flocks it completely. Many therapists use homeopathic aids, gemstones or etc. to supplement the frequency research.

On the other hand, the therapist has the responsibility of finding and eliminating energetic therapy blocks. Included among these blocks are negative external radiant energy, scarification, teeth problems, environmental pollution, chronic, viral or fungal infections, psychic blocks and many more.

Here too, the diagnosis is normally completed using one of the energetic methods described earlier. Depending on the type of therapy block, the “blocking solution” is performed using the corresponding bio resonance therapy programme, medication, change of diet, possible dental work or other medical measures.

Many holistic therapists see the causes of allergies or other chronic diseases every day. They also see the negative long-term effect on organs. The body cells permanently under stress which can be compensated for over years and years by the body’s own resistance. Sooner or later, the body’s immune system is so weak that it makes mistakes and acts irrationally. Then it isn’t the bacteria or vu us that is being attacked but foodstuff, pollen or the body’s own cells.

Therefore, a patient’s cooperation is essential when utilizing bio resonance therapy. Lots of liquids, a healthy diet, cutting out certain foods, getting enough sleep, taking medication regularly and following the doctor’s or dentist’s orders are just as important as the therapy program on the bio resonance therapy device.

Even the best therapist will have little or no success if the patient continues to consume fast food, junk food and alcohol, keeps on smoking or refuses to change their life style. The responsibility for the success of the treatment lies in the patient’s hands.

“Nature heals, not the physician” were the words of Hippocrates two thousand years ago.

The actions of the patient are the most important part of the healing process!


After antibiotic treatment, Klaus (and his environment) suffered from flatulence. Bowel movements were irregular and were accompanied by gastric distress. Klaus had a craving for sweets, was always tired, could not concentrate and was depressed. His acne worsened and eczema erupted around his mouth

Our intestines are naturally populated with billions of microbial inhabitants, the bacteria of our intestinal flora. Lacto and bifidus bacteria, E.coli germs and many others are working together in our intestinal tract lining. Even though they feed on the residual food remaining in the intestinal tract, they promote good digestion, help with the provision of nutrients and vitamins and stimulate our immune system. 70% of our immune system is found in the lymph nodes in the intestines! Yeast and especially Candida albicans and other candida forms can also exist in the intestinal flora in small doses. The “positive” intestinal bacteria keep them in check.

If the “positive” intestinal bacteria are killed or weakened to any degree, then the yeast can populate at will and the intestinal bacteria will be displaced. This is called intestinal mycosis, which is a yeast infestation of the intestine. It can be caused by unhealthy eating habits (too much sugar), heavy metals (e.g. mercury) and medication such as antibiotics, cortisone and hormones. Candida builds up various toxins and fusel alcohol. In the intestine, this can cause a build-up of gas, cramps and irregular bowel movements. The lymph nodes in the intestines are toxic which leads to further weakening of the immune system, more susceptibility to infections and less resistance. The toxin works through the wall of the intestine into the blood and then into the liver, our most important fighter against toxins, where a portion of the substance is broken down. The remnants of the toxin then creeps into the other organs and can produce symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, loss of concentration or depression. Allergies occurring or becoming worse is more evident. Particularly, food allergies but also eczema, neurodermatitis, nostril infections and bronchial asthma.

Scientific research has found that fungus exists in the intestines of 50% of the population, 80% of those with allergies and over 90% with neurodermatitis. Many doctors believe that intestinal fungus is normal in the intestine.

Naturopathic therapists are continually seeing how many of the unexplained and stubborn symptoms disappear after intestinal fungal treatment.

Our patient, Klaus, was put on a no sugar, no wheat flour diet. He also took fungal-inhibitive medication and underwent bio resonance therapy. For a short period, his gastric problem worsened (increased gas because of the dying fungi).

Then it stabilized, the bowels calmed down and his skin cleared up. Klaus has the energy , vitality and love of life, he had previous to the onset of his maladies.

Radiant Energy

Ursula has been undergoing bio resonance treatments because of her allergies. After a short period of improvement, everything reverted. She couldn’t sleep peacefully, felt like a zombie in the mornings and complained of back and joint aches after getting up. After speaking with her therapist and renew,-,1 testing, they determined that moving since her last appointment had increase,/ levels of external radiant energy. This was caused by electro smog and geopathy.

In today’s environment, we are almost always surrounded by electrical anal electromagnetic fields produced by television, radio, radar, computer, cell phones and many more devices. Many of these fields can influence our own body’s electromagnetic field, which causes stress reactions at the cellular level. Fortunately, our organs can compensate for these influences up to a certain extent, during the day’s “active phase”. At night, however, our body cells are supposed to be regenerating but how are they supposed to regenerate if they are still being exposed to all of the disruptive electromagnetic fields around us? Electro smog exposure in the sleeping area is therefore a very important factor. External radiant energy is not just a thing brought on by the computer age! For thousands of years, humans of all cultures have been using a rod or other similar instruments to search the ground for positive and negative polarity. We are continuing to find temples and ancient churches built in locations of high positive energy (“geomancy”).

Negative unhealthy interference zones were avoided (“geopathy”).

Houses with sleeping areas were only built in neutral external radiant energy areas. This ancient wisdom is infrequently practiced by present-day architects and planners. Nowadays we find that many sleeping areas are located directly on top of these interference zones.

Geobiologists differentiate between the external radiant energy of water veins, faults, intersections or crossing points, etc.

Many observations back the theory that years of stress caused by electro smog and/or geopathy can increase the effects of allergies, rheumatic symptoms, nervous disorders and cancer. After speaking with a geobiologist, our patient Ursula removed her TV and her radio alarm-clocks from her bedroom. She had a power-free switch installed, moved the bed to another corner and installed an interference suppressor to neutralize the influence from the radio antenna on the neighbour’s roof She is now sleeping peacefully, her back and joints are less painful and the allergies are completely gone after successful bio resonance therapy.

Effects and Side Effects

“I was connected to the machine by a cable while holding metal balls in my hand .After a few minutes I felt a tingling in my hands, as if current was tumuli)through me. My therapist ensured me that no electric current was present in the cable. After the treatment I felt extremely tired. Strange, you sit after and do nothing. You get the impression that nothing is happening and then afterwards, you are tired, as though you’d worked hard all day.”

More than half of all treated patients report tiredness after treatment, which is a sign that the body had to work hard during the treatment. Children fall asleep on the way home. This is the reason that a rest is recommended after the therapy session, if possible.

Some patients feel anxious and nervous after treatment. Less often, a patient will mention that they experience dizziness, headaches or circulation problems.

Often patients are relieved of allergic symptoms such as itchy skin, runny nose itchy eyes during the treatment. Sometimes treatments cause the symptoms to increase negatively for a short duration.

This initial negative reaction is well known by other natural therapists such as homeopaths and acupuncturists and is accepted as being a positive sign indicating that the body is responding to the therapy. An acutely negative reaction indicates that the first therapy session was too strong for that individual and the next session must be adapted accordingly. This is most often recognized in patients having skin diseases. Neurodermatitis patients must be notified that this type of reaction is a definite possibility and that they may find the initial reaction especially uncomfortable.

Threatening allergic reactions such as asthma attacks or shock reactions have not occurred during or after bio resonance therapy. In certain cases, “recurring symptoms” of a previously “cured” condition can be experienced during initial therapy. This is a temporary reactivation of the old condition, which the body has compensated for but which has never been completely cured. It is possible that these sites held chronic sickness symptoms as “continuous interference factors” and can finally be eliminated. Therapy reactions and initial reactions can usually be observed for a few hours after the treatment even up to several days but very seldom any longer that. These reactions can be minimized by drinking plenty of water. Strong reactions can be taken care of with stabilizing therapy programs. There are also patients that feel absolutely nothing while the treatment helps them!

Side effects, as understood in the world of allopathic medicine, have not been observed.

Do I Have to Believe In This?

Do I have to believe completely in this method before it works?” Beate held her gold ball in her hand and looked into the eyes of her therapist hopefully, all the while thinking about her puppy that had been blamed for her asthma attacks. Dr. Bic laughed, “It is always good to believe in the success of a medical treatment no matter what happens. Jesus said that faith can move mountains. But it is not absolutely necessary.”

Dr Bic still does not completely believe his own words since he has just recently begun using the machine in his practice. After the first three patients had excitedly reported the success of the therapy, he believed it to be an effective placebo effect. He thought differently after a few weeks, when eight of his ten patients had improved greatly or reported that their allergic symptoms had completely disappeared.

Did the babies, whose neurodermatitis disappeared, believe in it? Dr Bic even treated his sick house cat successfully did the cat believe in it…?

The placebo effect (Latin for “I shall please”) is well known in the medical field. Numerous patients react to “sugar pills” without any active ingredients just as well as to actual medicine. Even side effects have been described.

In scientific studies, depending on the methods and medication, placebo effects were observed in 30 to 40 % of the cases, the side effects rate was about 5 %. With a success rate of 80 %, the bio resonance therapy device is a super-wonder-I waling-placebo-machine.

The placebo effect is quite often the favourite explanation or scapegoat theory in traditional medicine if a certain medical phenomena cannot be explained using the currently acceptable scientific theories. A widely participated in scientific experiment proved that the effects of homeopathic remedies were statistically and significantly more positive than the expected placebo effect.

Many scientific studies concerning the successful use of bio resonance therapy also exist. Did the treated wheat germs, tadpoles and cultured tumour cells all believe in the treatment as well…? Practical studies where hundreds of patients were questioned have also been proven successful. Critical, sceptical and unbelieving scientists, doctors and professors have been treated … with success! Dr. Bic’s assistant treated a hay fever patient with rye kernels instead of rye pollen. Symptoms did not improve although the therapist and the patient both believed in the success of the treatment completely. After the mistake had been made uncovered however, the patient was treated with rye pollen and the symptoms disappeared immediately. An example of an involuntary double-blind-attempt. “Klara’s dermatologist says that neurodermatitis is incurable, that we can war alleviate the condition with cortisone cream”, the excited mother said “”Placebo-therapy” or not, we didn’t want to give up that easily with a success rate of 80%! That has got to mean “He who heals is right!” doesn’t it”?

So, What Can I Do?

“I can do anything myself to enhance my bio resonance therapy?”

“Of course you can!”

The more actively the patient is involved, the more quickly the success of the III i ivy becomes evident. As the patient understands the basic principles of the process, subsequent recommendations from the therapist become self-explanatory! Bio resonance therapy creates the stimuli that will build-up the energy system of the body and break-down toxins and therapy blocks in the system to normalize the body’s own regulation and to mobilize resistance.

Everything that builds up the body is good!

Everything that tears down the body is bad!

Rule 1 : Drink lots of water

During bioresonance therapy, toxins are released. These can only be separated from the liver, gall bladder, intestines and kidneys if the body has enough liquid to handle the task. Demineralized water is best for attaching to and excreting these toxins. The demineralized water should not be combined with any other substance such as tea, lemonade, etc. If this occurs, the ability to bind with the toxins is diminished greatly. Coffee and black teas extract water from the body and cannot be substituted for demineralised water. Not a drink, milk is a food item. Alcoholic beverages put stress on the liver which is the main organ used in the excretion process and should be avoided.

Drink about 2 – 3 quarts of pure spring water or filtered tap water per day! Immediately after a bio resonance therapy treatment: Drink at least 1 quart of water. No alcohol, coffee or black tea for 6 hours afterwards.

Rule 2: Eat Healthily

For an adequate diet, no products containing harmful additives such as pesticides, preservatives or artificial colours should be consumed. These additives put stress on our excretory organs. Frequent local whole-food stores. The additional cost can be made up for by buying less meat products. A vegetarian kitchen can also be tasty.

No Pork! Pork blocks the lymph nodes in the intestine and stresses the immune system. Pork contains a multitude of intracellular fats, which store many to toxins that may then pass almost unhindered through the intestinal walls. Pork flesh I very similar to “human flesh” in its structure.

Few sugar and wheat-based products! This damage healthy intestinal flora by promoting the over-growth of foreign bacteria and fungi.

Microwaves destroy the structure of protein in food and therefore the energy contained in it. Cook your food on the stove or in the oven.

All foods that affect an allergy must certainly be avoided until the allergy treatments are successfully completed.

For many sicknesses, consuming additional vitamins, minerals and trace elements is also necessary for a while.

Certain therapy programs make it easier for the body to assimilate these foods.

Rule 3: Sleep

Provide your body with sufficient, peaceful sleep in an interference-free location. This is the only way that your cells will get the chance to regenerate properly. Relaxation exercises such as yoga, biofeedback training, etc. can aid in a full night’s sleep.

Rule 4: Elimination

Many natural healing processes and household remedies have been used to eliminate toxins.

The skin is our largest organ for excretion: Sweating, sauna, salt baths, showering. An uncomfortable body odour can be produced due to excretion through the skin. Suction therapy is an ancient but highly effective excretion therapy through the skin. A suction glass is held over the reflex zones of certain organs using a vacuum pump. The information obtained from the excreted gasses or blood can be used by bio resonance applicators to increase the effect of the therapy. Excretion through the liver, gall and intestine: Body wraps, enemas and digestive teas.

Elimination through the lungs: Fresh air, breathing exercises, inhalations

All of the excretion/elimination organs can be supported by taking homeopathic medicine.

Regular intake of bio resonance drops, a mineral mixture “charged” with therapy information. Rubbing bio resonance oil on scar tissue and reflex zones is also recommended.

Rule 5: Medication

Intake of biological medication, the necessity and the tolerance of which have been tested energetically, e.g. vitamins, minerals, homeopathic elimination aids, herbal teas. Allopathic prescriptions should not be discontinued suddenly especially not by those suffering from asthma or rheumatic symptoms. Energy blocking medication such as cortisone or anti-rheumatic medication should be continued with bio resonance therapy. The treatment still shows positive results. If the symptoms of the illness have improved greatly, medication dosage can be reduced after consultation with and at the recommendation of your doctor.

Rule 6: Psychological Attitude

I bioresonance therapy does work even if you don’t believe in it. A positive attitude towards life and illness is a very important factor in the advancement of the healing process. Methods such as relaxation exercises, psychotherapy, kinesiology or Bach flower therapy can also be used to support the process. Changing the chronic illness image is often a new psychological challenge for the patient, their family and often for the entire social environment.


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