Bicom Therapy and Its Ability to Cleanse the Human Body

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Toxins are all of the potentially dangerous substances that we encounter with each day – from pesticides from the food that we eat, pollutants in the air, heavy metals such as mercury in the soil and many potentially dangerous ingredients in the processed food that we love so much. Our bodies are filled with toxins of various kinds which are essential to be flushed out as soon as possible. And while we are lucky enough for our bodies being able to deal with most toxins, they still need a bit of help from our side as well. 

Luckily, nowadays there are various detox and cleanse diets, smoothies, teas and whatnot that promise us to enhance the detoxification process. We are also lucky enough to have something as powerful and highly effective as the Bioresonance or BICOM® therapy to help as well. Are you wondering what BICOM® therapy is? In today’s article, you will find everything that you need to know about the benefits of the BICOM® therapy and its ability to enhance the detoxification process in your body!

What is BICOM® therapy?

BICOM® therapy, also known as Bioresonance therapy, is a new treatment approach that has been developed in order to help us with some of the biggest health issues so far. It was back in the 1920s that biophysicists discovered that every single substance, both living and dead, emits energy that can be measured and recorded in the form of a frequency, it did not take too long for researchers to develop the principle of bioresonance therapy. First invented in Germany in 1977, the Bioresonance therapy since then has earned millions of followers so far to be classified as the number one holistic therapy in Germany! 

Nowadays most Bioresonance therapy practitioners can be found around Germany, but the use of Bioresonance therapy has been spreading around other parts of the world as well. Bioresonance therapy uses these frequencies in order to detect the problems in the human body and later restore these bad frequencies so that the problems can be treated and removed. For these purposes, special applicators, which are linked to a machine, are attached to your body. So far, the bioresonance therapy has shown great beneficial effects when used in the treatment of nicotine addiction, chronic fatigue, Wilson disease, gastrointestinal problems, infertility, frozen shoulder, Rheumatoid arthritis and so many others. Bioresonance is both a diagnostic and a curative method that promises accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan to its users.

Is BICOM® therapy safe?

BICOM® therapy has been reported to pose as a non-invasive, painless, safe and highly effective treatment method. BICOM® therapy is the perfect treatment option for all of you out there who are afraid of feeling pain during a treatment or using various medications and having to deal with the potential side-effects and complications. BICOM® therapy is considered to be a natural treatment method since all that it does is restoring your body’s frequencies back to normal as they have been before any signs of the disease have developed. 

What are the potential risks of BICOM® therapy?

Until now, patients who have had their experience with BICOM® therapy have not reported experiencing any side-effects and complications afterward which is always a good thing to hear. What we know until now is that BICOM® therapy is only able to bring beneficial effects into one’s life with no trace of any potential risks. As we mentioned earlier, Bioresonance is a safe, painless procedure that is worth giving it a try and experiencing the great beneficial effects that it has to offer you. 

The ability of BICOM® therapy to cleanse your body

What is of the peak of our interest for today, is the ability of Bioresonance or BICOM® therapy to cleanse your body. As we mentioned in the introduction part of today’s article, we are surrounded by various toxins everywhere we look and they have a way to enter our bodies and cause diseases to develop. And while our bodies are able to remove these toxins on their own, there is no reason why we would not help to speed up this process. Bioresonance therapy is considered to be a regulatory therapy which is explained through its ability to restore the damaged frequencies. 

It has been suggested that the Bioresonance is able to detect the exact causes of stress in the human body such as allergens, bacteria, viruses and so on, which are the ones to blame for the presence of the specific symptoms. But the BICOM® therapy does not stop there. Not only is the BICOM® therapy able to detect the stresses in the body, it is also able to work towards restoring the frequencies that are emitted by these stresses and help the body to get better at removing the toxins and doing a better job when it comes to detoxification and cleansing itself. Bioresonance therapy focuses mainly on restoring the frequencies in the extracellular fluid where most toxins are stored. 

By doing so, all of the body’s toxins can be removed more quickly and easily so that the body would be able to cleanse the toxins and any other stresses that will easily lead to the development of various disease if not removed properly. We kindly recommend you to try and find a professional practitioner who has had his/her experience with Bioresonance therapy and to talk to him/her about the possibility of using BICOM® therapy in order to cleanse your body fully.  


Bioresonance therapy is a quick, effective and safe way to detoxify your body in just a few sessions. This approach avoids any use of medications or experiencing pain for the sole purpose of treating you. Instead, the Bioresonance therapy works as a restorative treatment, causing your body’s damaged frequencies to go back to normal and with that to cleanse and detoxify every inch of your body. Not only that – the Bioresonance therapy can also help you with various medical issues in which cases it has been scientifically proven effective. Bioresonance therapy is worth a try and you will surely be satisfied with the achieved results. Now it is up to you to decide whether or not this approach is for you!