Bioresonance Therapy And Poor Immune Function

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The immune system is one of the most important parts of the human body, acting as a defensive mechanism to protect the host from infection, diseases and any type of pathogens that may try to infiltrate the body and cause harm. Without a healthy immune system, the human body becomes prone to many problems, and the lifespan of a person may even be reduced significantly. For this reason, caring for the body’s overall wellbeing and attending to the immune system plays a vital part in ensuring a long life, as well as a higher quality-of-life. Unfortunately, some people do tend to experience a poor immune function, which can be quite problematic. There are, however, methods that can be utilized to improve overall immune function and boost the body’s ability to fight against potentially harmful microorganisms.

How The Immune System Works

As the name suggests, the immune system is not a single part of the body or an organ, but rather an entire system that consists of different body parts working together to protect the host from a variety of ailments and illnesses. For this reason, the entire body should be in good harmony and in balance, as explained by Global Healing Exchange. This includes a healthy gastrointestinal tract, where millions of microorganisms thrive – some of which may be harmful, but many of these microorganisms are actually good and acts as the body’s “first line of defense” against pathogens. The gastrointestinal tract is not the only part of the body that is part of the immune system, however.

Problems That Occur With A Weak Immune System

As we have explained before, the immune system’s primary function is to protect its host against pathogens. Thus, the most obvious issue that comes with a weak immune system is the fact that the affected patient would be much more susceptible to infections, as well as diseases. The common cold, for example, is much more likely to affect a person with a weak immune system. Holland & Barrett explains that the T and B cells produced by the immune system are needed to fight off viruses, parasites, bacteria and even cancer cells. For this reason, it is not only the common cold or infections that a person should be aware of when it comes to a weak immune system, but also many other issues.

One particular issue that a person should be aware off when they have a weak system is the fact that some cells produced by the immune system protect against cancer cells. With this in mind, a weak immune system would not be able to effectively fight off cancer; thus making a person more prone to developing cancer and also increasing the chance that the affected individual will develop cancer more quickly and at a more serious level.

What Causes A Weak Immune System

There is a significant number of factors that can greatly contribute to a weak immune system; thus causing a person to become more prone to developing infections and other harmful diseases. For the immune system to be thoroughly improved, a person first needs to analyze their own life, including their lifestyle and current health status, in order to determine what may be causing their low immunity.

According to Del-Immune V, some of the most common causes of a weak immune system include:

  • Living a life that is filled with high levels of stress.
  • Not obtaining an adequate amount of physical exercise.
  • Sleeping too little or not obtaining good quality sleep.
  • Eating a diet that does not contain an efficient supply of important nutrients that contribute to a healthy immune system.

In addition to these particular causes, it should also be noted that certain viruses are also known to cause a significant reduction in the function of the immune system. HIV Aids is one perfect example of a virus that causes the immune system’s function to become impaired.

Bioresonance Therapy And A Weak Immune System

Several strategies can be utilized in order to boost immune function and improve the body’s ability to fight off infections, diseases, cancer and parasites. Physical activity, a healthy diet, better sleep and adequate nutrition in a patient’s diet are all helpful in most cases. In addition to these methods, Bioresonance therapy also poses as an effective strategy that can be utilized to help a patient with a low immunity restore BICOM optima® immune function; thus allowing their bodies to fight off infections more adequately. Bioresonance therapy is able to detect potential pathogens, toxins, stressors and other problems that are interfering with the patient’s immune function; thus assisting in correcting these problems to restore BICOM optima® functionality.


A healthy body means a healthy immune system, which ultimately helps a person fight against diseases, infections and many other pathogenic substances that may cause harm to the human body. Unfortunately, numerous factors can lead to a weak immune system; thus making a person more prone to developing infections, inflammatory conditions and even cancers. In this post, we discussed how immune function can be improved, as well as how Bioresonance therapy can be a useful technique in improving overall immune function.