Dentist play a vitally important role in the nations health

dentist checking on her patient

Dentist play a vitally important role in the nations health, This dysfunction of the immune system is triggered by various factors, including allergenic, inflammatory or toxic dental materials.

Teeth with bacteria
Human mouth before dental treatment plaque on teeth.

Anaerobic: usually refers to bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen. They are more apt to produce the toxins that create diseases. Bad diseases. They are found in root canals, amalgam tattoos, unformed teeth areas, and cavitations.

Cavitation: a vacant hole in bone, usually an unhealed area after a tooth has been removed. It is lined with disease-producing bacteria whose toxins slowly seep into the bloodstream. This happens 99-plus percent of the time in wisdom tooth areas. Can appear where teeth (especially wisdom teeth) never formed. This type of bacteria-containing hole in the bone exists 77 out of 82 times from actual measurement. Nidus of infection related to many autoimmune diseases.

tooth caries disease. Surface caries.Deep caries Pulpitis Periodontitis.

Symptoms signalling the body’s attacks by dental toxins include:

– Chronic headaches – Tender and easily bleeding gums – Not wanting to brush teeth because of painful swollen gums and adjacent lips – Foul breath and metallic taste – Poor appetite – Incontinence, bedwetting, and frequent urinary infections – Hyperactivity and poor concentration – Required neurological and psychiatric care”

1 – What “biological tests” do you perform to assure that the materials you are using are biocompatible to me?

2 – Are you qualified to read and interpret blood chemistries as they relate to dentistry?

3 – What detoxification protocols are you using with the patient after your dental procedures?

4 – Do you provide intravenous Vitamin C to safeguard your patients during surgical procedures?

5 – What additional instructions do you provide to assist your patients in healing?

I am aware that decay is a physiological process, and not just a matter of food sitting on a tooth. I shall attend to the physical processes of brushing and flossing, but also shall pay attention to the foods that control the fluid flow through my living teeth. I know that bacteria are associated with dental decay, but are not the cause of decay, so I prefer not to take antibiotics or other drugs as a method of controlling decay, because they are not addressing the original cause of decay.

Silver Fillings (Amalgam)

I am aware that silver amalgam fillings contains around 50% mercury when placed, and that the mercury seeps out continually. I am also aware that it requires only minute amounts (down to the molecular size) of mercury to create symptoms and diseases. I know that the scientific literature has shown how much mercury and copper come out of the fillings, and I choose not to expose myself to that amount every time I eat, or drink a hot beverage.

I also know that dentists do not place amalgam because they desire to hurt people, but because their controlling profession demands that it be revered due to immense liability to the profession for covering up the facts about mercury toxicity. You have a “code of ethics” that you must follow in order to maintain your license to make a living, but I do not have to be governed by those rules. I would prefer to have something more compatible placed in my mouth.

How Much Is Too Much?

I was surprised to learn how much mercury is present in the average American in the form of dental amalgam fillings. An average of 272 milligrams per person. I was even more surprised to learn how little is required to create diseases and symptoms. Since this is published in the dental literature, as well as in the scientific literature, I am appalled to learn that the mercury fillings are still the number one filling used worldwide. I am aware that even dental journals from the 1800s and 1900s published hundreds of articles referring to the damage that is done by dental mercury fillings. Even media reports on the dangers of mercury have not caused the association enough embarrassment to ban the filling— as has been done in other countries. That does not mean that I have to accept mercury in my mouth. Cavity Filling Silver Filling Amalgm

Filling Alternative: Composites

Take out ugly black amalgam, and replace it with something white. Sounds like hospital sterility, doesn’t it? White fillings are plastic mixed with sand and aluminum (in many cases) in order to make them visible on X-ray, and to give them more longevity. The filling may last longer, but will you, is the question. Knowing that aluminum is nearly as toxic as mercury, you may argue that you do not care for an overload of any toxin that can be avoided. Replacing mercury with plastic that is loaded with aluminum is jumping from the frying pan into the fire. You may want to avoid that.

As you have seen from the various sections of this book, aluminum comes out of the composite and the porcelain crowns and can cause many bacteria to produce toxins that in turn produce disease. Your dentist has probably never heard of this, for it is forbidden to teach it in dental schools. There are composites that do not contain aluminum, but they do not last as long as high-aluminum composites. What’s more important? The life of the filling material, or the life of the patient? If you are the patient, you can argue for your own self.

Root Canals

Please say NO. Historically, root canals have been known to create disease for over 100 years, yet it is rumoured that the dental association has set a quota of 30,000,000 root canals per year for dentists to place. In the early 1900s, Dr. Edward Rosenow, chief of microbiology at the Mayo Clinic, was implanting extracted root canal teeth in rabbits. He found that he could transfer the human disease to the rabbit in just a few weeks. He and Dr. Weston Price, head of research for the dental association, teamed up to investigate this phenomenon. Price found the same thing. Diseases could be transferred via root canals, suggesting that root canal bacteria were the causative factor.

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