Glossary of Terms

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A substance foreign to the body, triggering the production of histamine and specific antibodies. The conventional serum preparations are not useful for biophysical testing. Instead native substances are used.

Allergen-Resonance Test
The adequate information of any allergic disposition is exclusively determined by the biophysical oscillation pattern of the allergen (= frequency, frequency pattern and amplitude).

Due to this specific signal it is possible to detect stress by means of an energetic test method. So an extremely exact and simple diagnosis becomes possible.

“Abnormal reaction” of the organism to a substance, against which a sensitisation had taken place before. This precise term mostly was forgotten in the course of time. Today it is generally used for any kind of hypersensitivity, allergy or substance-rejection.

Allergy – Definition for Bioresonance Therapy (BRT).
In BRT this term includes all kind of intolerances to nutrients. It can be detected as a dysfunction of the organism when the inverted oscillation of the allergen balances the disturbed acupuncture points. Especially recommended for allergy testing are the meridians heart, triple-warmer and allergy. But for testing an allergic reaction you can also use any other disturbed testing point. If there is an allergen stressing the body the inverted allergen oscillation must balance this acupuncture point when testing with EAP or has to show a stabilisation when using other testing methods. By means of the inversion method in acupuncture testing this inversion from A to Ai is fully confirmed.

Oscillations swing from zero to the maximum value. Amplitude designates the intensity or volume of an oscillation. Auto-isopathy: Isopathy designates the treatment of diseases with metabolic products derived from the identical disease. Similars cure similars. The prefix “auto” means “self” and in this connection auto-isopathy is a self-healing process in the sense of Bioresonance therapy using the patient’s own oscillations.

An electronic filter, which only allows a specific frequency range to pass and blocks all upper and lower frequencies. So the bandpass transmits only a frequency range between two specified frequencies.

BICOM Bioresonance
This term has been created by the Therapy Institute for Regulatory Medicine, dating back to 1987. Bioresonance therapy is a therapy with patient’s own electromagnetic frequency patterns. The patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations of his body are received by applicators working as an antenna and fed into the device. The BICOM device changes the body’s own information with the help of special electronic systems into therapy signals, which are returned to the patient by the output cable. Due to this method the electromagnetic pathologic information in the body is eliminated i.e. reduced. The patient and the therapy device enter a feedback cycle.

In this way all changes, which might arise from the treatment during the therapy can be considered. This explains why Bioresonance therapy is so efficient and requires only very short therapy times and less energy.

The BICOM Bioresonance therapy can be run with the help of the bandpass ranging from 10 Hertz to 150 Kilohertz or without bandpass up to the Megahertz range.

Bio-energetic Tests
Bio-energetic tests are done on the patient himself and are based on the energetic effect i.e. the body’s reaction to a foreign substance. This differs to any tests done in laboratories, which are based more on the chemical effect. Bio-energetic tests are an excellent supplement to establish a reliable diagnosis.

This term in regulatory medicine designates a state of the whole body or parts of it, in which self-regulation is not possible at all or only to a very small extent.

English word designating concentration, accumulation. Clusters can be found in water. They consist of hundreds of water molecules. In general, cluster designates an accumulation of coherent single parts correlating to each other.

Down allergy
Apart from wheat and cow’s milk, goose downs are the third most common allergen in our study. In 29 successfully treated cases of down allergies, 16 cases – more than half! – had been treated without any success under the diagnosis house-dust-mite allergy.

Spin tester
This is a medical-technical device for testing medicaments and organic substances, detecting the spin direction of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the substances to be tested. As you know, molecules of organic substances oscillate or spin spirally in a left or right direction (left- or right-spin. The spin tester is combined with biophysical test methods and electro-acupuncture measuring devices (EAP or bio-feedback-diagnosis, kinesiology)

Penetration depth
This is the depth up to which an electric or magnetic or electromagnetic field penetrates into organic tissue until it is attenuated to 37 % by absorption or reflection.

This term designates the measuring of the acupuncture points as well as the therapy with technically created stimulation current. In connection with Bioresonance therapy only the measuring is important but not the simulation current therapy (tilting oscillations, charge and discharge etc.). With the help of the EAP testing you can check the patient’s reaction to a weak electric direct current, to inverted allergen or medicament oscillations etc. From these different reactions of the body you can draw conclusions to the reaction ability, interference fields, blockages, pathological processes etc.

Electromagnetic field
The electromagnetic field is established by the electric and magnetic field lines. The electric part of this field-of-force spreads into space by its positive of negative charge. The movements of these elementary parts cause additional magnetic power lines. Because of irregularities in the movement of matter, these power fields normally don’t have any outward effect, except in magnets and the flow of current due to regular movements of the electrons.

Stable elementary part with a negative electric charge. In nature it only exists bound to the atomic nucleus.

According to Aristotle it is the ability of an entity to develop in the originally conceived way; the determined power of an organism directing its development.

In physics this term designates an appearance connected to a special physical agitated condition of space such as gravitation, electric field, magnetic field etc.

Field strength
This term designates the intensity of an electric or magnetic field (power field) having a spatial influence on a body. The magnetic field-strength is measured in Ampère per meter and the electric field-strength in Volt per meter. Periodically alternating magnetic field-strengths have the characteristics to stimulate an electric charge in an electric conductor (induction). The induction is measured in Volt-seconds per square meter. This value is named “Tesla” after the physicist Nikola Tesla. (Tesla= a very great technical measurement, therefore the field-strength is also indicated in “Gauss” = 1/10.000 Tesla)
1 Tesla = 10.000 Gauss
1 Gauss = 0,0001 Tesla

Field theory:
Field theory is the designation for a physical reality by means of the so-called field sizes and field functions. With the help of the field theory physical appearances can be calculated according to uniform standards and classified and at that, it is possible to make concrete statements regarding physical conditions.

The number of oscillation periods per second. It is measured in Hertz. Often used multiples are:
Kilohertz (kHz) = 1.000 Hz
Megahertz (Mhz) = 1.000.000 Hz
Gigahertz (Ghz) = Hz

Holistic medicine
Holistic medicine replaces more and more a medicine, where people still think in conventional terms. In holistic medicine all the complex energetic correlations and distant effects are considered. From this point of view traditional medicine is as much part of holistic medicine as natural medicine.

Measurement of the magnetic induction named after the mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauß. But today the legal unity “Tesla” is being used, named after the electrical engineer Tesla. But in the ultrafine energy spectre it is more useful to use “Gauss”.

10.000 Gauss = 1 Tesla
1 Gauss = 0,0001 Tesla

Basic oscillation
This is a harmonic partial oscillation of an oscillating system showing the lowest frequency and the highest amplitude. Depending on the basic oscillation there are the so-called superior waves, showing higher frequencies and smaller amplitudes being an integer multiple of the basic oscillation.

House-dust-mite allergy
From the point of view of BRT: The antigen of the house dust mite is an ubiquitous antigen, which hardly cannot be eliminated and to which everybody is exposed to since birth. So relatively many people produce specific antibodies, but certainly less people as assumed up to now develop manifest allergic symptoms as well. Experiences in the past years have shown – and the results of the present study prove it – that in a large percentage of all cases, the mite allergy effectively did not trigger the inhalation allergic disease but another allergen, which was not detected by the diagnosis.

In 29 successfully treated cases of down allergies, 16 cases – more than half of it! – had been treated without any success under the diagnosis house dust mite allergy (1).

Head’s zones
Named after the English neurologist H. Head. These are skin zones, the sensitive nerve supply in the spinal cord, which are located at the same segment as the vegetative supply and conduction of the stimuli via the nerves to certain organs (such as stomach, intestines, liver etc.), so that there occurs hyper-sensibility and pain in the corresponding Head’s zones when a disease is in these correlated organs.

Term derived from regulatory medicine. This term is used for the fact that a locally limited pathologic region has a distant effect on other organs and parts of the body and thus producing and maintaining chronic symptoms in distant regions.

Abbreviation Hz. This is a measuring unit for the number of oscillation periods per second. 1 Hertz = 1 oscillation period per second. Often used multiples are:
kHz (Kilohertz), Mhz (Megahertz), Ghz (Gigahertz);
1 kHz = 1000 Hz
1 MHz = 1.000.000 Hz
1 Ghz = Hz

In general this designates a short effect of energy or the sudden change of an electric size.

Individualising a medicament
This is a method of storing in a medicament (either liquid or solid) the therapy oscillation, which is created or administered when treating the patient during a Bioresonance therapy. The individualised medicament is only appropriate for the patient, whose therapy oscillation was transmitted and stored in the medicament during his treatment.

When two or more coherent oscillations meet and overlap each other, this is called interference. New oscillations are created like this, the so-called interference oscillations. But it is depending on the fact that the original oscillations have a determined phase relation to each other, so that the maximums and the minimums are periodically repeated in temporary and spatial intervals. Interference leads to either an amplification or attenuation of the oscillations.

The inversion changes the polarity of a signal from “-plus” to “minus” and vice versa. Here the exact reversion of the wave movement takes place. The diagram shows that a wave (bold line) at the input of the device “A” is transferred by inversion to the exact contemporaneous reversion wave (thin line) at the output of the device “Ai”.

ISE infrared transmitter
This is an instrument assisting to test medicaments in order to find the appropriate medicaments in a quicker and safer way. ISE is a short designation for infrared-transmitter-receiver. This device consists of two parts, first the test transmitter, which receives the electromagnetic oscillations of the medicament to be tested and sends them in a wireless way to the receiver. The receiver (an electronic wiring in the BICOM device) receives the sent electromagnetic oscillations and passes them on to the patient.

Isolated system
A system, which does not exchange any energy (or matter) with its environment. For instance people speak of thermodynamic isolation. Such conditions can be found in some regions in living organisms.

Treatment of diseases with the help of metabolic products being produced by the same disease.

If wave maximums and minimums of different wave packages occur at the same time we speak of coherence or phase equality. Coherent beams or waves have the same frequency and oscillate simultaneously.

Coherent light
This is light of the highest order. Technically created laser beams are close to coherent light in organic systems in regard to their order factor, but they would not reach it totally. The contrary of coherent is stochastic.

Contact allergy
1. The classical manifestation of a cellular hyper-sensibility is the allergic contact eczema. It is mostly triggered by metals (such as nickel, chromium, cobalt), gum auxiliary stuff, cosmetics, disinfectants, stabilisers and medicaments used externally etc. as well as vegetable substances when they get in direct contact with the skin.
2. Besides of the exogenic allergic symptoms allergised and triggered by epidermal contact there are obviously also endogenic symptoms of this type of allergy, allergised or triggered by a systemic antigen contact.

Cybernetics were introduced by the mathematician Norbert Wiener as the science of regular processes in nature and technology. An example for it is the thermostat for central heating. The living organism contains a large number of cybernetic feedback systems such as for the different hormones, or the blood-sugar level, the body’s temperature etc.

Loschmidt’s number
This is a measuring unity in chemistry, indicating that in one mole of a substance there are 6,0221 x 1023 molecules.

1 mole is the molecular weight of a chemically uniform substance in grams: take water for instance (H2O)

H2O has a molecular weight of 18,02
1 mole H2O are 18,02 g
18,02 g water (= 1 mole) contains 6,0221 x 1023 water molecules

In a homeopathic medicament from a potency of D 23” on there is no molecule of the original substance present.

A system of energy lines flowing in the body according to Chinese acupuncture theory, assigned to which there are energetic points being considered as projection zones or reflex zones of the inner organs, systems and functions of the body. Disturbances of the organs, systems or functions change the energetic status of the acupuncture points, which can be measured by the resistance (acupuncture testing).
According to traditional Chinese medicine there are 12 main meridians running in vertical lines through the body, symmetrically on the right and left side. There are additionally 8 meridians according to Dr. Voll as well as 1 conception and 1 control vessel.

This term is used for the alteration of an electromagnetic wave. By changing the frequency or the amplitude information is modulated on an emitted wave with originally constant frequency and constant amplitude, the so-called carrier wave.
This modulated information can be read (de-modulated) by the receiver such as radio or TV.
As already indicated there are two main types of modulation, the modulation of amplitudes (AM) and the modulation of frequencies (FM) as shown in both figures.

This term is used for a periodic changing, concerning the frequency or amplitude (see modulation), of an electromagnetic oscillation or wave with a constant oscillation frequency or amplitude.

from the viewpoint of BRT. 1) For most patients, where in general neurodermatitis has been diagnosed so far, the very cause of the symptoms have turned out to be an allergy, primarily wheat and milk allergy. 2) Typical picture of neurodermatitis due to a wheat allergy:
Preferred facial appearance are the peri-orbital and the peri-oral regions. The skin of the upper eyelid is infiltrated, dry and squamous, the lower lids are swollen and folded, the lips often don’t have a clear border, the skin of the neck is infiltrated. (1). 3) Typical picture of a neurodermatitis due to a milk protein allergy: The eyelids and the peri-oral region are hardly affected, the changes of the eczema are more exsudative than for the wheat allergy. In addition a preferred place of affection are the flexor sides of the extremities. (1)

Upper waves
Also called “harmonic” ones. These are the partial oscillations occurring depending on the basic oscillation. The basic oscillation shows the highest amplitude and the lowest frequency, whereas the upper waves show lower amplitudes and higher frequencies. Frequencies of the harmonic or upper waves are an integer multiple of the basic frequency.

Organic clock
Description of the activity period of the single organs, based on the traditional Chinese medicine. In a 24 hours’ rhythm every organ has periods of intense activity and passivity. In Chinese medicine these periods are called Yang periods (activity) and Yin periods (passivity). The Yang period lasts for about 2 hours where the organ is cleaned from metabolic toxins and waste products.

Pathologic oscillations
It’s the part of patient’s own oscillations disturbing and impacting the physiological oscillations in developing their power and thus their effectiveness. They are caused by environmental toxins, auto-toxins, micro-organisms, geopathic zones and technically generated electromagnetic waves. As long as the body is able to compensate these disturbing oscillations, he is healthy.

Disease is the result of pathologic oscillations having become manifest.

Patient’s own frequency patterns
This term is used for the electromagnetic frequency patterns of living organisms. The organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and is penetrated by this field. This field is in correlation to the cells and regulatory systems of the body and is controlling in some way the physical structure.

If the organism or part of it is disturbed by external influences this spectre is changing too, correspondingly. Besides to the normal physiological oscillations you will find also pathological parts in this spectre, corresponding to the clinical picture of the disease. Both, the physiological and pathological oscillations are called the patient’s own oscillations. The pathological oscillation spectre is individually differing from patient to patient.

Characteristic and constant quantity regarding function or setting of technical devices, contrary to variable quantities.

pH value
A measure for the concentration of hydrogen ions in solutions used in chemistry, in biological science and in medicine. It indicates the acid or alkaline character of a solution. Neutral solutions show a pH value of 7, acid solutions have a pH value below 7 and alkaline solutions above 7.

Physiological electromagnetic oscillations
This term is used for the electromagnetic frequency pattern of a living organism in a state of health, resp. for a frequency pattern maintaining the state of health. In the BRT these oscillations are called “H”-oscillations.

Also called quantum, light quantum or radiation quantum of the electromagnetic field. Depending on the way of looking at it, photons are considered to be either particles or energy. They are electromagnetic wave packages departing from their place of origin with speed of light. Photons can interact with matter and at the same time generally emit energy.

Point therapy
In Bioresonance therapy this term is used for taking the signals from an acupuncture or pain point on the one hand and the transfer of therapeutic oscillations to the acupuncture point on the other hand.

The term quantum was created by Max Planck referring to electromagnetic radiation occurring only in packages in a certain quantity. Einstein applied this term for light. Quantum, which means “smallest part”, is used today in general for the smallest unity of matter, space, time and energy. The word “quantum” is more used when emphasising the wave character (see photon).

Quantum mechanics
This is the designation and explication of the movement and the effect of elementary particles as well as their interaction. It is assumed that nature consists of smallest, indivisible units of time, space and parts, i.e. of indivisible micro-physical quantities (see quantization), which also occur in form of energy.

Let’s take the example of an hour-glass in order to try to explain the difference between the space-time continuum and quantum physics. In an hour-glass the time is measured by single, falling down grains of sand, the “quanta”. Every falling down of one grain of sand corresponds to a period (time quantum). If you imagine now that there is no “half” of a grain of sand, but only complete quanta, it does not make any sense – in this fictitious condition – to ask for time units being shorter than the mentioned time quanta. Parallel to that it would not make any sense to ask for length units smaller than the diameter of the grain of sand. So in nature concerning the elementary parts there is a lower limit for the indivisibility of length, resp. space and time. In fact the physics of the elementary particles proves that there is such a lower limit for space and time.

Noise limit
An electronic term when transferring signals and information. If signals and information decrease more and more soon a point is reached where these signals vanish in the general electronic noise. They still exist, but hidden in the noise. An example would be the noise in the radio or the noise in the TV set, which you would notice as “snow”.

Regulatory medicine
A new medical field concerning the energetic-regulatory processes in the body and using them for therapy.

The effect of periodic forces, which are constant in frequency and characteristics, on a system capable of oscillating and influencing it to oscillate.

Coupling resonance
This term is used for the interaction of two systems capable to oscillate (such as sender and receiver of electromagnetic waves).

An acoustic, mechanical, electromagnetic or biological system being tuned to receiving special frequency ranges and oscillating when being stimulated.

Schumann waves
In the hollow space-resonator earth – ionosphere so-called magnetic transversal waves can be created when properly stimulated by lightning in the atmosphere and by magnetic oscillations caused by the sun. These waves are called Schumann waves according to their discoverer.

The basic oscillation, the upper waves and the amplitude of the Schumann waves are depending on the distance between the surface of the earth and the lower limit of the ionosphere, and again this distance depends on the intensity of the solar radiation. Besides they are influenced by the ionic content of the air and thus by general weather conditions. So they have a periodical course of the day and the year, as well as a 11-years’ cycle determined by the sun-spot period.

Physical forces occurring in certain, regularly repeated temporary intervals (periodical). A temporary periodical change of the condition in a physical system such as a pendulum.

Range of frequencies covering a special range of electromagnetic waves.

subject to coincidence

Disturbing field
Disturbing fields are the remnants of inflammations, the material of which is non-absorbable in the tissue (Pischinger). Therefore diseases, but also not completely cured or suppressed diseases, can leave a disturbing field behind. Non-absorbable material can for instance also contain remnants of medicaments, antibiotics and toxins.

The characteristics of a conduction, in which current is flowing without any electric resistance or only with a very small one (ohmic resistance), i.e. in which the resistance is considerably reduced or has disappeared totally due to proper crystalline structure or to intensive cooling.

This term is not a technical term but an artificial creation of the REGUMED Institute. It is used for finest energies controlling or disturbing the human organism. “Ultrafine bioenergy” is considered as an energy lying below the noise limit. See also noise limit.

It became necessary to create this term, as the Bioresonance therapy is differing totally from therapy methods known up so far, in order to delimit it for a better understanding. The term “ultrafine” is composed of “ultra” = beyond, moreover (from Latin) and “fine”.

Wheat allergy
from the viewpoint of BRT: 1) In the meantime we were able to describe a sharply limited dermatological clinical picture easy to recognise by an experienced therapist and easy to distinguish from neurodermatitis caused by a cow’s milk protein allergy; a picture showing primarily infiltrated changes of the skin of the eyelids, the peri-oral region, the throat and the distal extensor side of the extremities. According to our experience so far on more than a hundred of neurodermatitis patients practically all neurodermatitis syndromes of children can be classified in either one or the other group. (1) 2) This term is also used for an allergy against wheat protein (not to confuse with the known allergy against the gluten protein gliadin causing coeliac disease).

Yin and Yang are terms for polarities in Chinese acupuncture. Yin and Yang have many relations to life and nature. In energetic medicine Yang also designates an abundance of energy and Yin designates a lack of energy. In the ideal case Yin and Yang are more or less balanced.

Central allergy or chronic allergy

from the viewpoint of BRT: The term “central allergies” designates allergies against substances, which are supplied very often, in general daily, with food. (Cow’s milk and wheat are the most important “central allergens” in our civilisation). By regularly supplying a certain allergen, the symptoms are “concealed” in most of the cases, i.e. the connection between the symptoms and the allergen are not obvious.

(The term “concealment” of a food allergy was created by H. Rinkel and designates the phenomenon, that symptoms caused by an allergen decrease or disappear when the patient takes this very substance within a period of 1 to 3 days)

Reference: (1) Scientific study: Biophysical therapy of allergies by Dr. med. P. Schumacher/ Innsbruck, Austria.