Healing Tones and Frequencies

3D illustration of a frequency

Quantum physics has established that all particles of matter display the characteristics of both particles and waves, meaning that they all emit electromagnetic radiation. Each substance emits its own wavelength or frequency pattern of radiation. If a large keyboard with dozens of octaves was assembled and played, after going up so many octaves, frequencies would be reached that could not possibly be heard by the human ear. This is because beyond the audible range for humans, the wavelengths go into the ultrasonic range of radiowaves. Much higher than this is the frequency range for visible light. In effect, visible light is harmonics of audible sound, the same notes but many, many octaves higher. 

Hertz (Hz) is the measurement used to describe the rate of vibration of a wave. In parts of the western world such as the USA and Canada, music is tuned to 440 Hz, which is referred to as Standard Tuning. However, this tuning is not standard around the entire world, in fact, the frequency to which different notes are tuned largely depends on where in the world a person lives. Most people are unsure as to why they tune their instruments to this specific frequency but do so because it is widely accepted. History suggests that those who originally tried to enforce this frequency as standard had nefarious intent. This 440 Hz tuning was first encouraged for use by people in Nazi Germany during war time to see how quickly it would be possible to make insomniacs go insane by interrupting their natural rhythms.  

There is some debate as to whether it would be more beneficial for the mental health of the general population if music was tuned to a slightly different frequency. However, different people have put forward different ideas about what this frequency should be. Even a tiny change in frequency can dramatically alter how the body is affected and the wrong frequency can be detrimental to the natural cycles of the body, affecting things such as sleep. Many people have found that simply listening to music that has been tuned to a slightly different frequency such as 444 Hz has had a more calming effect on them and been beneficial for their emotional health. Some people have found that music that has been tuned to just the right frequency has even been able to help them recover from chronic health conditions because of the beneficial effect of harmonious wavelengths. 

Music and maths are closely related. In fact, the famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who discovered a lot of the principles of geometry, was also a skilled musician and even created his own instrument, the monochord. When someone was struggling with emotional imbalance or was unwell, he would get them to lie underneath the monochord and he would play the strings underneath them, which helped to soothe them and even make them fall asleep. This is a very early example of frequency being used to improve a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Each planet has its own specific speed of rotation and its own specific frequency. Schumann waves are created when electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s atmosphere combine. Until recent years, the Schumann resonance of the Earth has always remained constant at 7.83 Hz. However, since 2008, this has been radically disrupted with much fluctuation and the highest peaks ever recorded have been over 100 Hz. The baseline resonance has been about 32 Hz since about 2014. This is thought to have had ecological impacts as well as affecting human health such as by compromising quality of sleep. This could be detrimental to brain function and even contribute towards abnormal behaviour in people. The deep delta sleep range is from 0.5 to 3 Hz. Above about 38 Hz is in the gamma range, which is the most excited brain state. Therefore, having a higher Schumann resonance all the time can prevent people from being able to properly rest and sleep deeply enough to get the full benefit. 

Frequency is everywhere, we use it in our homes in the form of microwaves. It is in everything and affects every part of our lives. At rest, the average human gives off 100 watts of energy. Some frequencies that are found in the body are healthy, while others can be unhealthy. Bioresonance therapy uses a Bicom machine to separate the healthy and unhealthy frequencies that are coming from a person. The harmonious frequencies are then amplified, while the pathogenic frequencies are cancelled out, helping to restore balance within the body and better enable it to heal itself. A range of programs with precise frequencies can be used to treat specific health problems. In this way, frequency can be used to help improve a person’s mental and physical health.