NASA Research Confirms Benefits of PEMF Therapy

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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy helps millions of people across the globe to improve their overall health and wellbeing, relieve symptoms of various health problems, and takes their quality of life to a whole new level. As time passes by we witness more and more reasons why PEMF therapy is a good decision for all men and women. But, who would have thought that NASA would be a major contributor to pro-PEMF therapy story? Yes, you read it right! Research done by NASA confirms the amazing benefits of this therapy. Scroll down to read more.

How does PEMF therapy work?

Before we get to learn more about NASA’s research, it’s important to say a thing or two about PEMF therapy as many people are confused with its mechanism of action. You see, PEMF machines work in conjunction with the body’s own recovery process in order to alleviate pain by restoring the ability of the cells to function properly. Additionally, PEMF machines operate on different frequencies. For example, BICOM has a dynamic magnetic impulse generator which gives the Schumann frequencies during the therapy, which cuts the therapy time down by half. 

Our body requires electricity in order to send signals to the brain and other parts of the body in order to function properly. What PEMF therapy does is to realign the electric potential of the cells effectively. That starts a process through which we heal and improve our health.

What did NASA find?

Throughout its history, NASA has done an amazing job exploring the space and bringing it closer to us. We view astronauts as brave people who were able to turn every child’s dream into reality by achieving something we all wanted to do. But, what many people don’t know is that astronauts develop various health problems during their missions in space. 

Health risks that associated with space missions include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac problems
  • Sleep deficiency 
  • Hearing loss
  • Kidney stones
  • Weakened immune system
  • Radiation hazards
  • Vision loss
  • Cognitive problems

Lack of gravity impacts bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system. The transition of astronauts from one gravity field to another is an intense experience that requires some time for them to adopt.

NASA constantly works on extensive research to minimize the above-mentioned health concerns in astronauts during spaceflight. However, for quite some time, their research led basically nowhere until they started exploring magnetic fields and their effects. 

For the purpose of their four-year study, NASA scientists used human donors in order to define the most effective electromagnetic fields for enhancing growth and repair in mammalian tissues. They wanted to use the nerve tissue, which has been refractory in an effort to stimulate growth or enhance its repair regardless of the energy used. Findings revealed that all other tissues had demonstrated significant growth and repair stimulation thanks to PEMF therapy. The PEMF technology utilized in this study induced a faster growth rate and better-organized morphology in test subjects compared to controls.  It’s also important to mention that PEMF therapy was also strongly associated with greater cell viability.

Scientists confirm that electromagnetic fields can, indeed, be used to enhance cell function and thereby improve a person’s health. At the same time, they also show that their findings prove electromagnetic fields have other applications as well, such as developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases. It could also help control the degeneration of tissue.

The importance of NASA’s research

The importance of this research is that authority such as NASA confirmed the efficacy of electromagnetic waves on improving life cycle and function of cells. It also showed that PEMF therapy could successfully address problems such as lack of energy, sleep disturbances, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, and impaired blood flow. These are also the most common reasons why people turn to PEMF therapy but are also common health problems that astronauts face and which could lead to more significant complications in the long run if left unmanaged. 

Not only did it show that electromagnetic fields can help improve our cells’ function and our health, but NASA’s research also pointed to a bigger problem which indicates that changes in electromagnetic fields could have a major influence on our health and wellbeing. 


PEMF therapy shows great success in treating various conditions and helping people feel better. A great boost to the effectiveness of the therapy comes from NASA, whose research confirmed that PEMF could improve cell viability and enhance the function of tissues, which is important for astronauts in space. Their research also shows that electromagnetic field disturbances can affect our health. Undergoing PEMF therapy is a natural, holistic manner of improving your health and feeling better without having to take medications. That also explains why a growing number of doctors recommend PEMF therapy to their patients. 


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