The Use of Bioresonance Therapy in the Fight Against Chronic Kidney Disease

digital illustration of a body highlighting the kidneys with a red glow

Seeing the latest statistical data for chronic kidney disease with 37 million of the adults only in the U.S being affected with this serious health condition, does raise a high level of alertness or at least it should, right? We are talking about millions of lives lost due to this horrible disease. Of course, prevention is everything when it comes to serious health issues such as chronic kidney disease, arthritis, diabetes, and many others. However, when we do meet with such health issue, we have to focus on treating it the best way that we can! And while we cannot deny the progress that has been made in the process of treating chronic kidney disease patients, we should not forget about the tricks that alternative medicine has to offer us as well. We are talking about using one of the best alternative medicine approaches of today – the Bioresonance therapy in the battle against chronic kidney disease! 

What is chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease also goes by the term of chronic kidney failure, that is because this serious health issue progresses and usually ends up with a kidney failure that can mean only two things – either a kidney transplant must be done or life will be lost. Unfortunately, the number of new chronic kidney disease cases grows and grows with each new day. But luckily for those patients, new progress is made regarding the treatment methods that the chronic kidney disease patients can benefit from. The term chronic describes the process of constant progress that happens as the disease enters a new, advanced stage causing more symptoms to develop and the health condition to worsen. The last stage is a complete kidney failure with the need for a kidney transplant. The two most common causes of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and hypertension. Genetics, infections, and the use of certain heavy medications can lead to chronic kidney disease as well. The treatment usually focuses on controlling the cause and the symptoms of the disease, so that the progress can be slowed down and controlled as much as possible.

What are the symptoms of chronic kidney disease?

The symptoms and signs of chronic kidney disease develop slowly as the disease progresses more and more. The symptoms are highly unspecified which makes this condition hard to diagnose and usually it is not diagnosed until it has entered its advanced stages. These are the most common symptoms of chronic kidney disease:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Reduced appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Changes in urination habits
  • Muscle cramps

What is Bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive, possibly the best restorative therapy which focuses on restoring the body’s abnormal frequencies back to normal and with that eliminating any present symptoms and health issues that the patient deals with. So far, the use of Bioresonance therapy has resulted greatly in the treatment of nicotine addiction, Rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, gastrointestinal problems and so many other common health issues. This simple, yet highly effective treatment method is practiced mainly in Germany, where it was first founded, but also, in numerous other countries around the world as well including the U.S and Russia! Athletes have benefited greatly from the use of Bioresonance therapy as well, including people who were only interested in detoxifying their bodies by using Bioresonance therapy.

Can patients with chronic kidney disease benefit from the use of Bioresonance therapy?

It has been considered that patients who are suffering from chronic kidney disease can also benefit in a great matter from the use of Bioresonance therapy. Although this therapy is not expected to cure the chronic kidney disease fully, it is, however, able to reduce the present symptoms, help control the cause that has led to the development of the symptoms in the first place, especially if we are talking about high blood pressure and diabetes. By restoring the abnormal body frequencies back to normal, the Bioresonance therapy will offer great relief to these patients and improve their wellbeing and their chance to take a bigger part in everyday life, as before they were ever struggling with these symptoms. Although it will probably take more than one single session for the Bioresonance therapy to do everything that it promises to do, it is still a great path to follow towards recovery. Bioresonance therapy can also be quite beneficial for the end-stage patients with chronic kidney disease where along dialysis, the Bioresonance therapy can help them maintain in as much as good health as possible until they receive their kidney transplant.


Chronic kidney disease is not something that you would like to joke about. This serious health issue is what takes more and more lives each year. But what if we say that the solution has been right in front of our eyes? Bioresonance therapy has existed for quite the years now, and during those years it has successfully treated numerous troubling health issues, so why not apply the same concepts in order to help the chronic kidney disease patients as well? In today’s article, we took the time to explain everything that you need to know about what it is the best restorative therapies out there and the ways that it can help the chronic kidney disease patients. Read more about it!