Using Bioresonance to Treat Liver Cell Damage

digital illustration of a liver with zoomed in to show cells

The liver, like any other body organ, plays a vital role in maintaining us healthy and alive. Did you know that the liver the largest body organ? Did you also know that the liver is responsible for producing bile, proteins, cholesterol and blood clotting factors among many other things? But did you also know that there are many different things that can cause a certain amount of damage to the liver? From liver cancer, cirrhosis, and hepatitis, the issues that cause damage to the liver cells are far too many to count. Luckily, we now have yet another effective treatment method to lean on to – we are talking about Bioresonance therapy! Do you have to find out more about it? 

What should you know about liver cell damage?

Millions of lives are lost each year due to different liver diseases. Liver cancer – both benign and malignant poses a certain danger to the patient’s life. Then there are also diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, both affecting more lives than you can possibly count. Caused by various different factors such as infections, obesity, chronic alcohol use, use of medications, etc. all of the liver diseases have to be taken seriously. One thing that makes the liver a unique organ is its ability to regenerate. You see, when there is a liver cell damage at the question, the liver is able to regenerate and replace the damaged cells. That is if the cause that has led to the damage in the first place is well taken care of. However, often, that is not the case, and the liver damage keeps on spreading affecting more and liver cells, and so quite extensive symptoms start to develop.

What are the symptoms of liver disease?

Different liver diseases cause different symptoms to develop. However, there are some symptoms which are common for most liver diseases and damages. Yellow colored eyes and skin, abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, dark colored urine, nausea and vomiting, reduced appetite and weight loss are just some of the many symptoms that are expected to develop due to liver damage. If you experience any of these symptoms and signs persistently, it is essential to contact a doctor in order to prevent the damage to spread and your condition from getting worse.

What is there to know about Bioresonance therapy?

Known to be the best restorative, non-invasive therapy, the Bioresonance therapy increases its number of successfully treated patients with each new day. No needles or pain is to be present during a session of Bioresonance therapy, that is guaranteed. A few small applicators attached on a BICOM® machine is all that is required for a successful session of Bioresonance therapy! The machine will measure your body frequencies, compared them to the normally expected ones found in healthy human subjects and give the results that will tell the Bioresonance practitioner what is wrong. Later, that very same machine will be used to restore the abnormal frequencies back to normal over a couple of sessions, and you will be able to recognize the improvements in your health. So far, success has been made with the use of Bioresonance therapy in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, Rheumatoid arthritis, nicotine addiction and overstrain syndrome in athletes among many, many others. Do not underestimate the power of alternative medicine – Bioresonance therapy will surely surprise you!

The use of Bioresonance therapy as a part of the treatment for liver cell damage

You can add liver cell damage to the list of conditions that can be easily controlled and treated with the use of Bioresonance therapy. The concepts of Bioresonance therapy can be applied in the case of liver damage as well. After your body frequencies have been measured and it is determined which cells, in this case, your liver cells, emit abnormal frequencies, the power of Bioresonance therapy can be used to restore them back to normal. And according to Dr. Hennecke in Aachen, Germany, there have been a few cases so far where when the concepts of Bioresonance therapy have been applied; success has been made! Bioresonance therapy has been found to be able even to shrink the liver cancers, making the task for their removal to go on easier so no tumor cell would be left. To sum it up – Bioresonance therapy has found yet another way to surprise us – now it can obviously treat liver disease as well!


From gastrointestinal problems, nicotine addiction, and arthritis, Bioresonance therapy has solved many of today’s biggest health issues, and it does not seem to want to stop there. In the past years, it has been noted that Bioresonance therapy is also able to treat the liver cell damage that has been made by different liver diseases caused by infections, chronic alcohol use, use of medications, etc. By restoring your body’s frequencies back to normal, the Bioresonance therapy helps your liver to recover faster and better than ever, without a sign of any complications in the near future. Use this opportunity to find a valid Bioresonance therapy center and enjoy the benefits that it has to offer you!