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Parasites and Environmental Loads tested for

We test for the following pathogens during your first visit to us and the test on each follow up visit: Amebae Tapeworm Leech Fleas Helminthes Lice Leishmania Mites Blood Parasites Intestinal Parasites Skin Parasites Liver Parasites Lung Parasites Muscle Parasites CNS Parasites Protozoa Schistosoma Horse Fly Taeniidae Trichomonads Worms Bladder/Kidney Worms Blood Worms Intestinal Worms…
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Bacteria Tested for

We test for the following bacteria on your first visit and then check each week. Acineto Bacteria Actino equil. Aeromonas Bacteria 1 Bacteria 2 Bacilli Borrelia Bordetella Brucella Helicobacteria Campylobacteria Chlamydia Chromobacterium Citrobacter Clostridium Corynebacterium Coxiella burnetii Enterococci Erysipelotrix Escherchia Fusobacterium Haemophilus Killer Bacteria Klebsiella Legionella Leptospiral Listeria Mycobacterium Mycoplasma Neisseria Nocardia Pasteurella Providencia rettgeri…
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Viruses and Fungi Tested for

We look for the following on your first visit: Adeno Virus Alpha Herpes Herpes Simplex Lassa Virus Beta Herpes Zyto-megalie Bunyaviridae Calici Virus Corona Virus Filo Viridae Flavi Viruses Gamma Herpes Epstein Barr Virus Hepadna Virus Herpes Viruses Orthomyxo Viridae Papova Viridae Paramyxo Viridae Parvo Viridae Picorna Viridae Pox Viridae Reo Viridae Retro Viridae Rhabdo…
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