A clients reaction to our home blood tests?

a photo of the bicom bodycheck 2 device

We had a new client order a home blood test kit. After receiving the sample back, we used the Bicom Body Check 2 to conduct a full-body scan of the client, which takes about 30 minutes to complete. The scan revealed above-average stress levels in the head, mouth, gut, pancreas and lower lungs. The left eye was particularly bad with the highest levels of stress in the eye.

Some identified pathogens that could have been infecting the lungs, gut and urinary tract were;




Interestingly, AQUASPIRILLUM SERPENS is found in pond water and we’d need to see if this might have been affecting the eye. This would be done via frequency therapy and retesting. Allergies are also shown on the pathology report.

So, we were then able to call the patient who we had not yet spoken to, neither had we done a medicinal questionnaire or emailed about their conditions. Their reply was

“ I couldn’t believe it when I saw what you had written about the eye. I do have a problem with my left eye, I suffer from hay fever and currently awaiting a hospital appointment as I have been told I need a cross-link procedure as I have lost most of my vision in my left eye over the past year. Eye lids red, itchy, bloodshot sometimes and irritable. Disappointed chocolate was on the list of foods to avoid”

The patient then agreed a course of Bioresonance therapy.

To Be Continued…