Experiences from Kenya

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Re: Case studies, BICOM®.

I decided that before I send any other case studies, it was optimum to start at the beginning!

Case study No 1.

A short case study of  myself and my family.

We as a family got exposed to BICOM® therapies about 15 years ago, here in Kenya.  Obviously, having experienced  the benefits, we eventually became practitioners in February 2005.

Patient 1 :  D.O.B 1979

Born by C/S, 5 weeks pre term, global developmental and motor function delays and difficulties, and related health problems. Low muscle tone and poor fine motor skills, speech difficulties, epilepsy. Can read and write basics. Cannot live on his own completely, but independent in bathing and dressing up.

Was on allopathic medication for epilepsy for the first 12 years of his life.

At present Patient 1 is on no medication and in a much improved and controlled state , and continues to improve in all areas of life.

As part of the healing process, he has had many ups and downs and status epilepticus conditions. Some have been managed with the BICOM®, and many others, we have had to stabilise with IV epilepsy medicines, with hospitalisation.

At this point in time, his epilepsy is  under much better control, and reduced significantly.

BICOM® therapies together with other healing arts, continue on a regular basis.

Patient 2 : D.O.B 1984

  1. Born by C/S, no developmental delays, but not growing normally; underweight and low physical stamina for first few years, but good immunity.
  2. Became unwell at the age of 20 with low energy and fatigue, whilst studying at University in the U.K.  Was treated with BICOM®, and the improvement has been slow, but steady.  With the traditional medicine, nothing significant was diagnosed and was eventually prescribed anti-depressants, which he did not take. In 2010 Patient 2 was also treated by Sissi Karz.
  3. BICOM® help continues on a regular basis.
  4. Patient 2 is also qualified to practice BICOM® method! He plans to help me in my practice in time.

Therapist 1 : D.O. B : 1953

  1. Born, one of a twin, low birth weight, on the small side, but surviving with low blood  count and may be a poor blood picture.  The resulting low energy, stamina, continued throughout until 1995 , as no specific medical health was sought.  But life went on. There was help from Reflexology just before we started BICOM® in 1995.
  2. In comes BICOM® in 1995 and I experienced a lot of positive input in my overall health, including a major healing crisis, when I was bed- bound for nearly 3 months! My spleen was by then, very enlarged!  But healing continued mainly with BICOM® only.  However,  since then my health improved significantly and for once in my life, started to feel the goodness of having enough energy to deal with life! But lot of healing is still  continuing to happen! Have used BICOM® for the last 6 years on myself, can now say that I do not use anything except my own body’s healing power through BICOM® to keep me going!
  3. To sum up, for the 3 of us, BICOM® has played a significant role in saving and enhancing our lives! And we have a better understanding of life.
  4. Now I am running a healthy, busy, and a growing BICOM® practice.  In fact recently my son and myself conducted a 2 day training for a new practitioner! We enjoyed it and are happy to have another person to help us with the expanding demand for BICOM® therapy in Kenya! Of course our other therapists all got the inspiration from attending and seeing the healthy BICOM® practice with us!

Patient 3 D.O.B: 1954

  1. I am not forgetting or ignoring my husband, but the reason he is not included in with the 3 of us is that, he had a much better constitution!  And he has been a great support for the 3 weaklings!
  2. He may have carried on without BICOM®, but of course he too has been helped and enjoys good health and continues to improve in all areas of life, including personal and spiritual growth, like all of us!

A little about the Practice:

Patients are generally made very much a part of the whole healing process.  That means they are encouraged to expand their own awareness and how other factors can influence their health and how they can help themselves with other healing arts like Yoga, Reflexology, Chi-Gong, massage.  They are shown ways of self-help, or referred to other healers. They are also  made aware of simple home remedies that can be used for some common ailments. Willing patients are also shown ways to dowse for themselves  for health related issues.  Patients are also empowered with Homeopathic remedies for common ailments like, coughs, colds, flus, malaria. For that they are taught to dowse to enable them to find the right remedies.

I also  use Bach Flower Remedies  and Crystals to support healing.

Patients are  encouraged to follow the motto of  ‘Prevention better than cure’, and are  recommended to have  follow up with maintenance therapies with BICOM® and other self-help methods on a regular basis.  This way even the not so ill or ‘healthy’ patients are also encouraged to come as a way of prevention and building resistance to disease. Many families are adopting that philosophy.

Case study No. 2

Patient 4 D.O.B : 2009    BICOM® therapies started from 30/10/09

Patient 3 was born in the UK and is now living in Nairobi.  In fact the child was conceived after the parents had received a series of BICOM® therapies!  Although they were not treated with that intention!, but they were both unwell in their own specific areas!

Patient 4 has had no vaccinations given so far.  She has had no health issues. So, we looked at allergies and dealt with the few that showed up and are dealing with her constitutional weaknesses as and when they arise.  Like her parents, her weakness was seen in the Large Intestine and related issues.

Other than that,  once she had got burns with hot tea for which she was treated with BICOM®.  Another time, she had gone to the coast for a holiday and her cot was put in a Geopathically stressed grid area and she would refuse to sleep and kept on crying.  On communication, we found that she was in GS.  Immediately the cot was moved and once again we had a happy baby!

Case Study No. 3

Patient 5

D.O.B. 1999   BICOM® therapies started from         2009

Had come for below average growth, low stamina and 3 swollen lymph nodes (size of medium pebbles, smaller than pimpom ball) in the neck. He had recurrent ear infections and  hearing was also affected. Was lacking in confidence, attention span/concentration and slow at learning.

Has been treated with normal grounding BICOM® therapies including Jaw, Resistance, Brain, Pituitary, thymus, CNS, Laterality, tissue process, Chakras.  Acute conditions treated as and when needed. Was treated for ‘Kapok’ allergy , and  for otitis with BICOM® 2000 and recently with Otitis media, using the 2nd channel in Optima.

So, at present is in a much improved energetic state and continues to make good progress overall.

Case study No. 4.

Patient 6

D.O.B:  1997  BICOM® therapies started in 2010

Child with many developmental issues.  Mental age much below his chronological age.

With all the grounding therapies as mentioned in case No.3, together with indication programmes likes for the eye retinal detachment/ablation, muscle co-ordination, Patient 4 has made good progress in all areas.  Therapies continue at regular intervals.