I certainly feel the chip has been of benefit…

The most outstanding result has to be with the Hornbeam as I wake up refreshed, before any alarm goes off, and ready to face the day. I no longer feel everything is an effort and I am more like my old self.

Ann R..

Natural relief from anxiety and depression

Both anxiety and depression can result in a range of different emotional and physical symptoms that vary from person to person. Some individuals with mental health problems are able to carry on as normal, while others may really struggle with everyday life and even feel suicidal.

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Understanding Bach Flower Remedies

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when you walk through a walled garden full of flowers on a sunny day? Dr Edward Bach had superior sensory capabilities, he determined that plants in nature can definitely have an effect on our emotional states.

It’s understood that all living things have their own electromagnetic frequency. Bach observed the energies from various plants can take away emotional pains which over the years damage our fitness and impair our ability to heal. He ended up growing 38 Bach (stated Batch) Flower Remedies, with every treatment being related to a simple human emotion. Apart from a few controlled prospective trials, his research has not been fully tested at a clinical level his essences have benefited many people for over 100 years and remain the first choice for many to help their bad feelings which include fear, worry, loneliness or indecision. As a result, the Bach Flower Remedies thru everyday use permit peace and happiness.

One of the fantastic things about the Bach Flower therapy from Reson8 is they are totally safe and natural and so they work in harmony with nutrition, herbs, medications and they are great for children, pregnant women, the elderly and even pets.

Flower essences in walled garden

Why do you feel good in a walled garden?

One of the reasons are the various essences emitted from the flowers, plants and trees.

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Feelings of Despondency and Despair

Crab Apple for Despondency and Despair

Crab Apple

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You overemphasise the principle or purity on all levels

You are very aware of your mental and emotional hygiene

You feel self-disgust when you do something that doesn’t live up to your own standards of purity in order

You feel you need to cleanse yourself of impure thoughts

You feel sinful, stained, and dirty

You’re mired in details, allowing yourself to be tyrannised by minor things and losing sight of the big picture

You find it difficult to let things be when they aren’t perfect

You’re unable to start working unless everything is in perfect order

You become very irritated when life circumstances are disorganised

You’re a perfect housekeeper everything always has to be neat as a pin; Thus your surroundings appear somewhat sterile

You complain about both personal and public and cleanliness

You have problems with very earthy, physical action such as breastfeeding and kissing

Your own skin eruptions, sweaty feet, pimple’s, warts, and so forth

You have an intense, even phobic response to all forms of dust, insects, bacteria, and the like

You have a greater than normal need to clear your throat, blow your nose, pass gas, and so on

You feel a great need to clean yourself, even to the point of compulsive washing

You fear spoiled food, dirty toilets, incorrect prescriptions, environmental pollution, and so on you take too seriously the symptoms of illness and want to rid yourself of even minor signs of sickness without delay; When the treatment doesn’t show the desired effect immediately, you become overly concerned

Parents raise their children with exaggerated requirements for cleanliness

Positive potential

You know the order cannot be permanent, that it is only a temporary state

You create order and care for things inside and outside

You have a sense of the overall picture and you see details in the proper perspective

You have a sense for higher systems of order and how everything fits together

Oak for Despondency and Despair


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re overly dutiful and reliable, no matter what the costs

You overwork yourself, and then grow despondent

You work very hard but never complain

You have almost superhuman endurance but little concern for your own needs

You force yourself to finish any work that you’ve started

Unceasing and persistent in your endeavours, you force yourself to keep going even when you have no energy

You fight bravely against all odds, even if there’s little hope left

You often continue to work only from a sense of duty

You think in terms such as, “I owe this to myself”

You shoulder the burdens of others

You ignore natural impulses to rest

You try not to let your tiredness and weakness become obvious to others

You’re admired because you don’t let things get you down

Positive potential

You fulfil your duty within the parameters of what is possible

You deal creatively and skilfully with difficult, stressful tasks

You accomplish a great deal but are also able to say, “that’s enough!”

You master life joyfully, with strength and endurance

Sweet Chestnut bach flower

Sweet Chestnut

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’ve found yourself in an extremely difficult position that you just can’t bear any longer

You believe there’s no way out; you don’t have any idea of what to do anymore

You know only that you can’t make it any further on your own

You need to throw in the towel but can’t admit it to yourself

You no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel

You feel you’ve reached the utmost limit and your burden is about to destroy you

You can’t believe that anyone should ever have to suffer this much; You feel God has abandoned you

You feel utterly lost inside, as if in total isolation in a helpless void

You’re experiencing extreme mental anguish, the “dark night of the Soul”

Positive potential

You know how to use crises as opportunities for transformation

You can handle extreme situations without allowing harm to your soul

You know the right moment to take action and the moment to let go

You know when to say, “Thy will be done”

Elm for Despondency and Despair


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You suddenly feel overwhelmed by a task

You’re brought to a sudden halt by the one minor task that is “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”

You feel that your responsibilities are getting to be too much

You feel you don’t have the stamina to accomplish everything you want or need to

Although normally strong and confident, you’re temporarily exhausted and despondent

You experience passing feelings of inadequacy due to exhaustion

You temporarily doubt if you’re really cut out for what you’re doing

You can’t decide what to tackle first; you waste a great deal of time trying to do everything yourself instead of delegating responsibilities

You’ve maneuvered yourself into a place where you’ve become indispensable and now believe it’s impossible to let go of any responsibility

You’re afraid to stay in bed with the flu because you don’t want to let down the people at work

Positive potential

You’re capable, responsible, and confident

You know how much work you can handle and know when to delegate

You’re confident that if you do your best, help will arrive when you need it

Pine for Despondency and Despair


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You apologise in all kind of situations

You haven’t forgiven yourself for something you’ve done and still blame yourself after many years

Your troubled conscience is easily triggered and is then difficult to turn off

You feel responsible for other people’s mistakes

You feel guilty if you’re better off than others

Even if you do something successfully, you feel you could have done some part of it better and are consequently unable to enjoy the success at all

You feel you must justify things you have bought for your own comfort

You feel unworthy and undeserving, like a naughty child waiting to be punished

You excuse yourself for being ill, depressed, or exhausted

You find it difficult to accept presents, unconsciously feeling you don’t deserve them

You feel guilty when you need to speak firmly to others

You take little for yourself and give others the first choice when supplies are low

You chastise yourself for not making as much money as others

You blame yourself for being part of a society that destroys the environment and takes advantage of other people

You feel undeserving of love, refusing yourself the right to exist – “forgive me for having been born”

You feel like a child fearfully waiting to be criticised

You feel an almost masochistic desire to sacrifice yourself; you are given to negative narcissism

Any appropriate guilt you feel is blown out of proportion

Positive potential

You’re aware that everybody alive has the right to exist

You know that you’re worthy of being loved, just as is every human being

You have a deep understanding of human nature, particularly of human weaknesses

You’re able to accept presents and to praise yourself for a job well done

You know the limits of your own responsibility and know where that of others begins

You’re a good listener and adviser to others who suffer from guilt feelings

Willow bach flower remedy


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You feel that you are being held back or that there is no hope of being delivered from a situation

You experience yourself as powerless

You have an embittered attitude, resenting fate and feeling that you’ve been treated unjustly in life

Don’t feel responsible for your own situation, and always blaming circumstances or others

You don’t think fair recognises your efforts and input in life

You believe life has failed to provide the things that you rightfully deserve

You make demands on fit, but are not prepared to do anything for them

You accept help from others and take it for granted sign you react defensively and with accusations, often appearing as a killjoy or a spoilsport

You unconsciously try to put a dampener on the cheerful mood an optimism of others

You wear a sad, pouting face as you feel offended and withdraw more and more from life

Your thoughts are spiteful and grudging due to the bitterness you feel in your heart

Unspoken, smouldering anger rages inside but will not explode

You’re unable to accept your extreme negativity so nothing can change

You are reluctant to admit that you’re getting better when you are recovering from an illness, even if it’s clear that you are

Positive potential

You actively take your life into your own hands

You think constructively and know how to exert a positive influence on situations

You take responsibility for your own fate

You understand the principle “as within, so without”, which means that you can attract positive or negative events, and you make conscious use of this principle

Larch Despondency and Despair


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You automatically feel inferior to others

You don’t believe yourself capable of those things you admire in others

In comparison with others, you always place yourself in an inferior position

Firmly convinced that you cannot do something, you don’t even try

You place yourself behind others

You react hesitantly and passively when offered a real opportunity

You use illness as an excuse to avoid tackling a problem

You express modesty due to a lack of self confidence

You feel “second class” due to your family background, language, colour, or disabilities

Children who are students feel like failures

Second- born children experience problems with self esteem

You don’t have the position at work that matches your abilities

Positive potential

You believe in your own ability to realise important personal goals

You can assess and accept personal strengths and weaknesses objectively

You’ve developed your own personal measures of success

You use and develop your personal talents

You seize opportunities with reasonable expectations

You take your proper place in Society

Star of Bethlehem for Despondency and Despair

Star of Bethlehem

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

The rudeness of some people leaves you speechless

You’re unable to accept comfort

You experience physical side effects including a loss of feeling, an uncertain gait, a change of voice, and water retention

Unpleasant emotional experiences reverberate inside you for a long time

You’re shocked and then sad because of an unpleasant experience

A piece of terrible news “knocks you out”

you can’t get over a fight that was unfriendly and hurtful

There’s an old wound in your life that you don’t dare remember

Following an accident or a surgical procedure, you don’t feel like yourself anymore

You react slowly, as if sedated

You let things get too close for comfort, then are unable to cope with them

You repeatedly suffer from the same nightmare

You’re easily bruised, physically as well as mentally

Positive potential

You take things in deeply and can sense their subtle differences; you’re able to relate to all shades of other people’s feelings

You’ve learned to deal appropriately with your emotional experiences, using them for personal development

You give comfort to others

Feelings of Fear

Aspen bach flower for fear


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You experience unfounded sensations of fear and danger

You have sudden anxiety attacks whether alone or with others

You wish you were less sensitive knew line you feel creepy sensations of fear, as if bewitched your imagination runs wild; you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality,

You are fascinated with the occult and are superstitious

You fear persecution and punishment, you fear an invisible force or power

You have nightmares, waking in fear and panic and not daring to go back to sleep

You are afraid of your fear, but you dare not talk about it with anyone

You experience specific fears such as those of physical attack, rape, abuse, snakes, and ghosts

You wish you could protect yourself from outside influences and be less open

Children are afraid of the dark of monsters under the bed

The atmosphere in some places is unbearable to you

After reading in the paper of a flu epidemic (or some similar physical scourge) you immediately develop symptoms

Positive potential

You have a great capacity for conscious perception

You are aware of your sensitivity and know how to use it well

You proceed fearlessly and with confidence

Able to enter into more subtle planes of consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of complex phenomena

Red Chestnut bach flower for fear

Red Chestnut

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

Your inner bond with another person is too strong

You experience excessive concern for the safety of others – such as children or a partner – with no fear for yourself

You worry too much about the problems of others; your feelings are drawn too strongly into another’s life

You feel the life of another as if it were your own

You know the feelings of another better than your own

You’re afraid something bad may have happened to another person who is late for an engagement

You immediately feel the symptoms of an illness another person is talking about on the phone

You’re afraid that behind the harmless symptoms another person describes lurks a more serious disease

You’ve been unable to “cut the cord” with someone close to you

You constantly warn children or grandchildren to be careful

You burden others with your worry over their well-being

Positive potential

You always know how to balance your concern with a respect for another’s autonomy

You’re able to put yourself into another person’s shoes

You can empathise with the sorrows of others without making them your own

You’re able to radiate to others positive thoughts of security, well-being, and courage in difficult situations

Cherry Plum bach flower for fear

Cherry plum

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re afraid to talk about your feelings

You can barely control yourself

You feel blocked or congested inside

Turmoil and try desperately to control yourself

You’re in such emotional chaos that you can’t even express your feelings

You have the feeling that a time bomb is ticking away inside you

You’re afraid of having a nervous breakdown

Contrary to your normal disposition, violent impulses surface; You’re afraid of needing to do something you’d normally never do

You have sudden uncontrolled acts of rage – children may throw themselves on the ground or hit their heads against the wall; Grown Ups might destroy a malfunctioning electrical appliance in their anger, or throw things around the room

Parents worry that they may hit their children

Children are afraid of bedwetting

You suffer from obsessions and crazy ideas; You’re afraid of “uncontrollable spiritual powers” within you

You’re afraid of going mad, breaking down, having to go to an institution

You suffer from extreme inattention and cramps, compulsive pacing, self-monitoring or trembling

Positive potential

You possess courage, strength, and composure

You’re able to deal with emotions and express them in an appropriate manner

You’re able to deeply penetrate your subconscious, integrate the insights you gain there and use them in your daily life

You have access to a powerful reservoir of spiritual strength

Rock Rose bach flower for fear

Rock Rose

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You tend to panic easily

Your nerves are weak; You overreact and often feel helpless

Your anxiety level quickly escalates in threatening situations

You feel terror, horror, and naked fear – as though your nerves have gone haywire

When in a panic, your senses stop working; you’re unable to see, hear, or speak, and your heart nearly stops

You panic in accidents and natural disasters, or if you experience a life-threatening illness or disease

You can still feel the fear in your bones after barely escaping a dangerous situation

Children easily get sweaty palms, and their hearts often beat wildly

Your solar plexus hurts or feels rock hard

Positive potential

You meet emergencies with a calm presence of mind and are able to do things for the benefit of others

In serious crises you rely consciously on your Inner Guidance

In crisis situations you are able to mobilise tremendous forces that allow you to do more than you are normally capable of doing

You show heroic courage; you fight in the front lines

Mimulus bach flower for fear


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re shy, timid, and careful

You’re physically delicate and have a sensitive nature

You fear a certain situation but you don’t talk about it

You imagine everything to be more difficult and dangerous than it really is

There’s always something you’re afraid of at any particular moment

You suffer from specific anxieties and phobias such as fear of cold feet; dark corridors; illness and pain; horses, mice, dogs, and other animals; making telephone calls; being in new situations; having to go to the hospital; dying a painful death; losing possessions; being in a crowd; having an accident; losing a relative; entering an enclosed place; beginning something new; and so on

You are hypersensitive to cold, noise, bright lights, loud voices, strong smells, and so forth

You want to be left in peace; to be talked to by no one

Your anxieties cause you inner tension

You suffer from occasional speech difficulties, stammering, or nervous laughter; you talk a great deal out of nervousness

You blush easily, or your palms sweat

You unconsciously procrastinate because of your anxieties

You’re afraid of new things and always need to start slowly

You hope that certain things will take care of themselves

You’re afraid to be alone, but are shy and nervous in company

You get very anxious when met with opposition or when things don’t work out right away

You’re overcautious during convalescence for instance, you don’t dare move your broken leg after it comes out of the cast for fear of hurting it or undoing the healing that has taken place

You easily fall ill when faced with the things that you fear

Babies cry for no apparent reason upon waking in the morning

Children are scared by strangers and hold on tightly to mum or dad

Children refuse to listen to fairy tales that contain violence

Positive potential

You’ve grown beyond your anxieties, know your limits, and are able to face the world with cheerful composure

You feel up to the world’s challenges and are able to bravely get involved in the next task

You have a refined, sensitive character

You have personal courage and understand others in similar situations

Feelings of Uncertainty

Cerato bach flower for Uncertainty


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You distrust your own judgement

You constantly ask others for advice hoping they’ll make the decision instead

You’re too scared to act spontaneously

You talk a great deal and get on the nerves of others by butting in with questions you align you give too much weight to others opinions

You hunger for information knew line you accumulate knowledge without using it knew line you coverall a basis in order to avoid making mistakes

You see confirmation from authority figures

You’re led astray based on the advice of others rather than your own better judgement knew line you question the decision to make the moment after making it

You have many advisers and hope each will provide the perfect solution

Others describe you as lacking good instincts and common sense

You appear to lack self-reliance, to be simple or even stupid

You tend to imitate the choices of others

Students tend to cross out the right answer they gave at first on a test and replace it with something wrong

Positive potential

You’re intuitive, interested, and eager to learn

You’re able to quickly form your own opinion

You accept your inner guidance, trust yourself, and stand by your own decision’s

Hornbeam bach flower for Uncertainty


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You feel that you lack enough energy to master the demands of everyday life

You feel heavy-headed, tired, and exhausted

You experience mental hangovers, that “Monday morning feeling”

Your head buzzes after watching too much television, reading too much, studying too much, and the like

You expect the work you need to do to be very exhausting

You lack enthusiasm and feel mental inertia

Upon waking you doubt that you can deal with the day’s chores, but this feeling subsides after taking a shower or getting dressed

Merely the thought of a particular task provokes debilitating fatigue

You miss your former vitality and feel constantly overburdened with demands

You must push yourself to fulfil daily responsibilities

After a prolonged illness you doubt you’ll have enough strength to return to work, despite evidence to the contrary

You believe it’s impossible to start work without a stimulant such as coffee, tea, or a form of tonic

You come to life when something interesting occurs unexpectantly

You feel exhausted after years of performing the same disliked tasks

You wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to bed

You feel pressure or a burning sensation in or around your eyes

You experience connective tissue degeneration

Positive potential

You have a lively mind and you balance variety and routine

You spontaneously leave routines behind to follow an unexpected impulse

You’re sure you can master the tasks ahead without fearing you’ll get exhausted

You know every day is different and can look forward to your regular work

Gentian bach flower for Uncertainty


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

Even small setbacks have a devastating effect

You’re easily discouraged and simply give up when you meet unexpected difficulties

Disappointments cause feelings of dejection and depression

You react quickly with scepticism so you won’t be disappointed later

In every new situation, you’re the member of the group who’ll doubt the positive outcome, who’ll play the doubting Thomas

Sometimes you almost appear to enjoy your pessimism

Your lack of faith makes you insecure

You need plenty of positive feedback and encouragement, even during times of minor crisis

Even in a situation where things turn out alright, you imagine what could have gone wrong

You don’t stand the reason miss fault maybe Arkansas live contact lens shoot centre someone with confidence

Positive potential

You understand that resistance and setbacks are learning steps, and you make new attempts with confidence

You have unshakable faith; despite difficult circumstances, you know that everything will happen as it’s meant to be

You know that I solutions for all problems

You’re able to encourage unbilled confidence in other people

Scleranthus bach flower for Uncertainty


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re indecisive, with a certain inner restlessness

In many areas you vacillate constantly between two possible options because both have advantages

Your moods fluctuate; you’re either crying or laughing, in seventh heaven or miserable

You respond to numerous outside impulses, jumping to and fro like a grasshopper

You appear unreliable because you frequently change your mind

You lack equilibrium and inner balance; your reactions are unstable and nervous

You find it stressful to reply to questions that require a yes or no answer

Lacking focus, you jump from topic to topic in conversation

Your indecisiveness costs valuable time and you may miss good opportunities both personally and professionally

You don’t ask advice of others when in inner conflict – instead you try to reach decisions by yourself

Your gestures are quick and “jumpy”

Physical symptoms from energy imbalances can include: extreme fluctuation between activity and apathy; body temperature that rises and falls quickly; symptoms that shift all over the body – one day an arm hurts here, the next day a leg hurts there; problems with balance; alternation between hunger and loss of appetite, constipation and diarrhoea; motion sickness; and morning sickness

Positive potential

You can focus and concentrate

By keeping in touch with your centre, you maintain your inner balance and rhythm

You arrive at decisions without delay and with precision

You are flexible; you have many interests and are able to integrate an increasing number of them into your life

Gorse bach flower for Uncertainty


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re unable to imagine a change for the better

You don’t dare hope for a change in circumstances

You’re resigned; You’re tired inside

you no longer have the energy to give it another try

You don’t recognise any further possibility’s; You’ve given up inside

You say you’ve come to terms with a prolonged chronic illness

You allow relatives to persuade you to try other treatments against your own inner conviction, and are again resigned with the least set back

You’ve given up fighting for your destiny; Stagnation has taken hold deep inside

As a child you had to overcome an extended or chronic illness

You grew up with a classic person, chronic someone, for example, with heart problems, alcoholism, or physiological problems

Positive potential

You never give up hope and are convinced that all will come out right in the end

You know it’s never too late for you to start

You recognise positive opportunities in difficult situations

You’re able to inspire others with your own confidence

You’re a bearer of hope to others

Wild Oat bach flower for Uncertainty

Wild Oat

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You have only a vague sense of your goals; You can’t find your direction in life, which leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, and boredom line your ambitious; You want to do something special but you don’t know what it is

You always feel driven toward exciting new projects

You try many things without gaining rail satisfaction at any of them

You have many possibilities but don’t feel cold to any particular profession; Hanging in the air in this way disheartens you

You’re frustrated because things are not as clear cut for yourself as they seem to be for others

You tend to become involved in too many things and spread yourself too thin

Inwardly you don’t want to commit and therefore you unconsciously end up in the same unsatisfactory situations

Your professional or private life does not quite fit your type or ability’s and you wind up wasting your talents

You jump from one activity or subject to another, be it in your profession, in work, or during a conversation

Positive potential

You recognise your own uniqueness

You find your vision and come up with appropriate ways to live it

You do many things well and find a way to simulataneously do several jobs successfully within your overall vision

You know your inner calling and follow it

Lack of Motivation

Chestnut Bud bach flower for lack of motivation

Chestnut Bud

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You keep getting into the same problems – arguments with the same people, the same kind of accidents, and so on

You’re always two steps ahead of yourself in your thoughts; You are inattentive or uninterested in the problems at hand

You prefer to start new activities rather than taking some time to quietly digest past experiences

You seem to learn very slowly from life, whether from lack of interest, in a haste, or lack of observation

You don’t draw enough from experiences; You don’t evaluate events insufficient depth

You never consider that you could learn from the experience of others

You don’t pay attention during conversations, instead planning your next question while your partner speaks

When you solve a problem in your imagination, you lose interest in implementing the solution, or may do it superficially

When a machine isn’t working (such as a fax machine), you tend to simply push buttons instead of consulting the manual

You seem to be careless or naive

You appear mentally clumsy, and are slow to show any progress

You have learning disabilities, blocks, or delayed development

Chronic physical illness perhaps migraine, acne, or some more acute problems may also belong to this pattern

Positive potential

You’re mentally dexterous and enjoy learning

You’re always interested in learning more and able to make the time and peace you need to do so

You regularly observe your own behaviour patterns and reactions in daily life

You learn by observing the experiences of others

You’re able to comprehend complex situations more quickly; you foresee possible mistakes early on

You make the best use of your daily experience for ongoing development

Mustard bach flower for lack of motivation


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You don’t feel like doing anything anymore

You cry easily and need to shed tears frequently

You’re unable to enjoy anything

Time seems to pass more slowly

You don’t sense knew outer impressions; you feel blocked and cut off from them

You don’t want to move your body

You suddenly feel weighed down

You suffer deep depression

Something heavy, black, and unknown descends; your Soul is in mourning

Gloominess comes out of the blue, enveloping you in a black cloud

You feel excluded from normal life

You find no logical connection between this condition and the other parts of your life

You feel such deep melancholy that you barely notice what’s going on

You’re completely within yourself and caught up in grief

You’re unable to hide this mood from others

You’re unable to overcome the mood through logical thinking, or to shake it off at will

You’re at the mercy of this feeling until it lifts of its own accord, when you feel as though you’ve been set free from prison

You’re afraid of these attacks because they’re totally out of your control

Positive potential

You feel carried by the stream of life

You accept the ebb and flow of nature, knowing that joy always returns just as the sun comes back from behind the clouds

You pass through even cloudy days in serenity, with clear inner confidence

You have rich emotions and sense things deeply

White Chestnut bach flower for lack of motivation

White Chestnut

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

unwanted thoughts constantly come to mind and cannot be turned off

A worry or event persistently gnaws at your mind

Again and again you think about what you might have said or should have said

Your mind sounds like a broken record

You’re mentally running in place, like a hamster in its wheel

Variance incessant inner chatter, compulsive thought process is, or an echo in your brain

You go over the same problems time and time again without coming to a solution

Your mental hyperactivity prevents you from concentrating in everyday life for instance, you don’t hear when spoken to

You’re not thinking yourself the thinking is running on its own

You can’t sleep because of the thoughts going around in your head, particularly in the early hours of the morning

Mental tension causes teeth grinding and tightness around your eyes and forehead

Positive potential

You have impressive mental capacities and use them clearly and constructively

You concentrate well, working constructively with your mental powers

Because you will line yourself with your Inner Guidance, your thought impulses clarify an organise themselves

Out of your inner quiet, solutions for every problem come up on their own

clematis bach flower for lack of motivation


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You are lost in thought, absent-minded, or rarely fully present

You are inattentive and scatter-brained – a daydreamer

You have little interest in the present situation and live more in your own fantasy world

You’re a “wanderer between the worlds”; Often you don’t feel at home in reality

You’re constantly searching for misplaced Particles

An illusion where nine you had trouble order in your workspace; Your surroundings often look chaotic

You escape into unrealistic and illusory speculations when facing problems

You have a far-off gaze and dreamy eyes

You appear last in dreams, never entirely awake, or a bit confused

You react with the same indifference to good news and bad

You have hardly any aggression or fear because you’re not really here

You like vitality and often appear remarkably pale

You often have cold hands and feet, or an empty feeling in your head

You experience floating sensations; Sometimes you feel dopey, as though lightly anesthetised

You need a lot of sleep you like to doze and may not off moments

You tend to faint easily

Sometimes you romanticise dying, though without any active suicidal intentions

You have little sense of pain, are often out of touch with your body, and tend to bump into things

You have a poor memory, especially for details, and don’t take the trouble to listen carefully

You are liable to develop visual or hearing problems, eyes and ears margined touchily the nice how’s your being made died

You have little motivation to get well quickly when ill; your instinct for self-preservation is weak

You frequently tell little white lies without even realise in it

You are sometimes unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality and can make up lies about life that you eventually believe

When asked simple concrete questions, you invent full-blown stories

Your creative talents often go untapped; despite artistic gifts, you end up taking pedestrian jobs just to earn a living

Positive potential

You have realistic perceptions and a concrete perspective on life; You concentrate on things that can be done

You’re able to dream up visions and put them into action

Your creative lifestyle enriches your daily routine interesting

You’re purposeful in bringing creativity to physical realisation

You have an excellent perception of shape, colour, sound, and aroma

Olive bach flower for lack of motivation


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You feel completely sapped; everything is “too much”

You experience exhaustion following a long period of strain or physical illness

You feel completely washed out, finished

You want only peace and quiet

You have no energy or motivation to do anything

Even talking on the telephone or reading a letter requires too much effort

You experience deep inner weariness after periods of great inner struggle and transformation that have absorbed a great deal of psychic energy

You’ve recovered physically but not spiritually

Phases of great productivity are regularly followed by those of extreme exhaustion because you’ve given too much of yourself

Positive potential

You can make economical use of your own reserves

When needed, you’re able to summon great strength and vitality

You understand your connection with mother earth and draw on nature’s energy reserves

During periods of stress you rely on inner guidance, and are thus able to cope appropriately with even extreme demands

Honeysuckle bach flower for lack of motivation


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

A pleasant or unpleasant past situation is as clear in your mind as though it happened yesterday

You constantly refer to the past in your thoughts and in conversations with others

You glorify the past, wanting to have things as they were

You wishfully think back to the good old days

You can’t get over the loss of a loved one, a pet that died, or a lost item

That is something you don’t want to make peace with

You’re stuck in memories of beautiful moments for example, the first ride on your very own motorcycle

You’re homesick

You regret not having taken advantage of a unique opportunity in a personal or job related situation

You have little interest in current affairs because you’re mentally living in the past

You have no expectations for the future

You feel an unfillable longing to start all over again

You’re unable to give up old memorabilia shoes are souvenirs, for instance even after many years

You have a very poor memory of your early childhood

The picture of a pass situation comes up again and again in your minds I, so clearly that you’re able to paint it

You constantly remember a particular person

Others become tired in your company

Positive potential

You know that life is taking place in the here and now

You have a little living machine ship with the past and realise its bearing on the presence

You take from the past and what had true value and awaken it to new life

Wild Rose bach flower for lack of motivation

Wild Rose

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You give in to fate

You no longer take yourself seriously

You’re resigned inside although circumstances don’t seem all that hopeless or negative from the outside

You feel absolutely no joy in life and have no inner motivation

You’ve given up all efforts to make any changes in your life

You accept your fate, unhappy home life, unsatisfactory job, chronic illness, and so forth

You believe you’ve been burdened by bad genes

Other sense and underlying sadness in you

You experience chronic boredom, indifference, and empty feelings

You no longer complain of your condition, believe in it to be normal

You always feel “wilted”, with no energy at all; You are apathetic

You speak monotonously and quietly

Positive potential

You embrace life

You develop initiative

You find life exciting and interesting

You feel an inner freedom and vitality

You give yourself enthusiastically to life


Heather bach flower for loneliness


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

Your thoughts are entirely centred on personal problems; you take yourself too seriously

You are driven to talk to everyone about yourself

You’re unable to be alone, feeling somehow lost when you are solitary

You tend to exaggerate emotionally, making mountains out of molehills

You find it difficult to listen to others

You’re absorbed completely in yourself and therefore have no awareness of others concerns

You try to appear stronger and more competent than you really are, as a result you would get the symbol want next you don’t take social conversations and immediately turn them to yourself

You trap others by concerning them all hold it onto their sleeves when you want to make a point

You were emotionally neglected or not accepted as a child and as a result steel field undernourished and in need of recognition from those around you

Children regress in two infantile behaviour

Positive potential

You know your inner guidance cares for you

You know you’ll receive everything necessary for your personal development

You’re able to listen to the concerns of others

You are a sympathetic adult with a great capacity for empathy

You create an atmosphere of trust and comfort

Impatiens bach flower for loneliness


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re mentally tense; you feel driven by a fast inner tempo

You feel constantly pressured by time

You expect everything to go quickly and smoothly

You find it hard to wait for things to take their natural course; you want to finish everything quickly

You talk, eat, and work faster than others

People who work more slowly than you drive you crazy-you have no patience or diplomacy for them

You cut off other people and finish their sentences before they can

You don’t finish your own sentences

You impatiently take things into your own hands

You make rash decisions

You prefer to work alone at your own pace

You have a great desire for independence

You easily flare up and are curt and brusque, though your anger passes just as quickly

You bring an end to jobs that aren’t completely finished because you just want to get them done

You react ungraciously if not served promptly in a restaurant

when you’re ill you feel that your symptoms are supposed to disappear immediately

Children can’t sit still; they make nervous movements and maybe hyperkinetic

Your reservoir of strength is quickly used up and you may experience sudden pains or temporary phases of exhaustion

Positive potential

You’re alert, quick thinking, quick acting, and independent- minded

You’re good at initiating new developments and keeping things rolling

You’re gifted at empathising with various temperaments

You can wait for things to take their natural course

You have patience and gentleness

Water Violet bach flower for loneliness

Water Violet

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You want to withdraw from a certain situation or relationship

You feel isolated and not part of the group

You occasionally are condescending and proud

You want to meet others to become involved with your personal affairs

You sort things out independently and won’t burden others with problems

You are considered to be anti-social or emotionally cold

Because of your distance, others consider you to be conceited, disdainful, or arrogant

You sometimes find it difficult to approach others

You want to get down from your inner pedestal bun don’t know how

You have problems engaging in discussions or party conversations

You unknowingly make it difficult for others to make genuine personal contact with you

You avoid emotional disputes because you find them exhausting

You find it difficult to totally relax

You rarely cry, try instead to keep a stiff upper lip

You want to physically withdraw

Positive potential

You’re perfectly happy with yourself and act according to the saying “Live and let live”

you keep a tactful distance unison with other people

You like to keep to yourself but know how to contact others when necessary

Your actions are dignified and conscientious, but you still prefer to stay in ground abandoned

You serve as a model of a balanced, understanding, and independent person


Agrimony flower for Over-sensitivity to influence based Bach Flower Essence


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You like to live in a peaceful harmonious atmosphere; any discord or dispute around you causes distress

You try to please all the people all the time

You do a great deal to keep the peace

You give in, invent little white lies, make almost any sacrifice to maintain Peace of Mind and to avoid confrontation

You hide in turbulence and restlessness behind a mask of humour and cheerfulness knew line your motto is: No problem, keep smiling, be happy

You minimise problems and won’t discuss them, even when the subject is brought up by others

You escape nagging thoughts by looking for excitement and variety space movies, parties, the action of any kind

You don’t want to accept unpleasant situations; you look through rose coloured glasses

You’re always the good friend, the peacemaker, the life and soul of every party

You resort to alcohol or drugs to get you through difficult times and to soft and unpleasant feelings and thoughts

Is on the move to stop yourself from thinking

You played down discomfort when ill, even joking to entertain the hospital staff or your caregivers

You want to live in an ideal world so you intentionally ignore flaws in a partner

You unconsciously fear you’re unable to handle painful news from others so you cut conversations short

Children who normally quickly forget their troubles experience secret inner pain and feelings of loneliness

Positive potential

Honesty, open this, ability to deal with confrontation

you’re able to deal with both positive and negative situations and grow from them

you feel genuine in a joyfulness

you experience true harmony and inner peace

you’re a true optimist, a skilful diplomat, a talented peacemaker

Walnut bach essence helps for over-sensitivity


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You have clear goals and desires and normally know exactly what to do, but now you falter and have problems staying true to yourself

You are usually very independent but are temporally distracted by family obligations, social conventions, or memories of old promises and commitments

You’re making a major life change but find that you can’t take the last step

You wish to leave behind all restrictions and influences but can’t quite manage to do so

When making an important life decision, you find it hard to escape the influence of an important role model, a parent, teacher, boss, or the like

An unexpected outside event forces you to rethink the plans you have for your life

You want finally to understand and integrate a major change in your life

Despite new decision’s, you still feel like holding on to some old habits

You’ve given up a relationship, but despite physical separation, you’re still under the old partners spell

Major changes in life are taking place: marriage, birth, a change of occupation, and move to another city, divorce, retirement, and so forth

Major biological changes are about to occur: menopause, pregnancy, puberty, teething, terminal stages of illness

Positive potential

As the pioneer, you stay true to yourself

You dare to do what is new

You take the final step

New to outer influences and open to inner inspiration

You have character

You move forward confidently following your life plan

Centaury helps with Over-sensitivity to influence based Bach Flower Essence


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You can’t stand on your own; you give in too easily

You don’t stand up for your own interests and don’t express your own wishes

You are passive, weak-willed, and easily led by others

You go along with others willingly, obediently, and even subserviently

You’re more sensitive to the wishes of others then you are to your own

You sense immediately what others expect you automatically to do

You’re easily led astray by your desire to please in extreme cases, to the point of self-denial

You’re easily taken to the cleaners during negotiations

You let others speak for you; your time all services are often volunteered without your consent

You let others dictate what to do

You’re easily persuaded to do things you didn’t plan to do

You’re good-natured and easily exploited

You dance to the tune of a self-centred personality who may be a parent, significant other, or superior

You unconsciously adopt gestures, phrases, and opinions of a stronger personality

Children are strongly influenced by praise and criticism

You prefer to take on additional work because rejecting it would take more energy

You often take on more than you can do and tend to give more than you have

Positive potential

You are aware of your personal needs and live your own life

You know when and why to say yes; when necessary, you are able to say no

You’re able to fit in well with groups but to always able to stay true to yourself

You said wisely while staying true to your own inner purpose

Holly bach flower helps for Over-sensitivity


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re easily annoyed; You react in an unfriendly or aggressive way

You’re bad-tempered, discontented, and frustrated but you don’t always know why

Your envious; you think about revenge and gloat over another’s miss fortune

You’re jealous and distrustful

Your heart is hardened and your feelings seem poisoned

You react explosively, become overheated, enraged, or violent

You feel that others are insensitive to you and you fear their moods

You have fears of being deceived

You feel that others misunderstand your feelings

You often suspect something negative behind what people say or do

You easily grow suspicious of others

You frequently feel offended or hurt

You belittle others; You create enemies

Your reactions irritate people who share emotional information, for instance, you will laugh upon hearing of someone’s death

You feel a stab of pain when you hear about someone else’s luck or happiness

Children exhibit rage, anger, sudden outbursts, and even physical violence

Positive potential

You think with your heart

You approach others openly and with goodwill

You have a profound understanding of human emotions

You take wholehearted pleasure in the achievements and success of others

You live in a state of inner harmony, radiating goodwill and warm heartedness

Over-care for others based Bach Flower Essences

Beech bach flower for over care for others


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

The mistakes of others are readily apparent to you

You always see only what’s wrong in a situation

You’re unable to accept that no one is perfect knew line you sit in judgement of others

You are overly critical of yourself

You become upset at their “stupidity” of others

You have petty reactions; you lack tact and sensitivity

You become irritated easily by small gestures and speech habits of others your reactions are out of proportion to the situation

You cling firmly to prejudices

You’re very touchy about personal criticism Connor avoiding any discussion of the issue at hand

you habitually seek out the flaws in any situation, overlooking advantages and potentials that could develop

You’re disliked by others because of your intense criticism of them

You are determined not to appear intolerant by showing exaggerated understanding and refraining from any criticism, even when constructive criticism would be helpful; whatever happens, “it’s okay”

Positive potential

You have good mental acuity and the ability to differentiate and show good judgement

You see the positive possibilities for growth behind less than perfect situations

You show understanding, criticise constructively, and are able to accept criticism yourself

You are tolerant of personality types that are totally different from yours and respect their strengths and weaknesses

Vervain bach flower helps perfectionists by nature


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You’re enthusiastic about an idea and want to get others involved too

You become incensed by injustice

You’re very intense and overly focused; you try to give 150 percent

You’re impulsive and idealistic to the point of being a missionary; you’re wound up inside and are always on the job

You tell others how to do things to the point of doing things for them; you try to force others to do or follow what’s good for them

You want to convert others and in this desire you absolutely drown them with your energy, eventually tiring them out and turning them away

You hate to get sick because you don’t want to lose your momentum at work

You’re sure of what’s right for others

You overdo things, get ahead of yourself, and at times become fanatical

You accept unwarranted risks and sacrifice too often to achieve your goals

You force yourself to keep going, even when you’re physically exhausted

You grow irritable and nervous when things don’t progress the way you want

You find it difficult to do less than too much

You don’t know when to stop, exaggerating your pursuit of eating, sex, work, or sports

You’re totally keyed up and unable to relax; you suffer from muscle tension, pain in your eyes, or headaches

Children are hyperactive and won’t go to bed at night

Positive potential

You know the appropriate amount of energy to use in all activities

Your reactions are tolerant and poised

You stand up for your own ideas but respect those of others and discuss them objectively

You’re able to let others dance to their own drummer without having to interfere

You use your excess energy wisely and carefully when there is a good cause

You’re able to effortlessly enthuse, inspire, and motivate others in the name of a higher ideal

Chicory bach flowers help to love unconditionally


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You are emotionally demanding; You immediately try to build intense, close relationships

Like a mother hen you watch over the needs, wishes, and progress of family and friends

You’re always ready to comment 2, correct, or advise others

You’re overly caring and subtly controlling, which makes others dependent without them even being aware of it

You make yourself indispensable

You force your good deeds onto others

Do few things without calculating your own potential rewards

You expect gratitude for doing things for others even if you weren’t asked to help

You give conditional love: “I’ll love you, if…”

You try to fulfil your desires indirectly

You manipulate or play the diplomat, cleverly managing to impose your own will or retain influence

You use emotional blackmail

You want to hold onto relationship roles or rituals that have had their day for instance, you try to make your partner guilty for not saying “I love you” as often as when your relationship began; parents may still regularly perform chores for children who have long since moved out on their own

You find it hard to forgive and forget

You feel losing your friends, relationships, or possessions

You feel easily offended, passed over, or hurt

You react with self-pity if you don’t get what you expect

You may skip into illness to gain sympathy from others or influence over them

The ingratitude of others can cause you to break into tears

Positive potential

You give without expecting anything in return

You respect that everyone has to follow his or her own Life Plan

You deal with your own emotional leads and keep an appropriate distance from others

You know your personal needs and take care of them yourself

You draw on your inner fullness and are able to care for others with true love and devotion

You express the energy of the “great mother”

Vine bach flower is for people who have strong opinions


Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You need to have your way at any price; You’re unable to give in

You always want to have the last word

You find it difficult to obey

You gladly take up the role of the leader, of being the “saviour” in a difficult situation

Or the opposite may be true: it is difficult for you to lead and tell others what to do

You run the risk of misusing your great gifts for personal power

You ruthlessly disregard the opinion of others

You really doubt your superiority and try to make everybody dance to your tune

You constantly measure your strength or power and question established hierarchies

You’re hard, cruel, and pitiless without conscience

You’re narrow minded and accept only your own opinion

Your head comes before your heart

You intentionally instil fear in others

When hospitalised, you tell a physician what to do and keep the nurses on their toes

You don’t discuss things because you believe you’re always right

You bow to your superiors and tread on underlings underfoot

People who will not participate in the struggle for power out ignored

You cannot tolerate anyone contradicting you

Accept only a selected few, and refuse to take others seriously

Children will beat up their classmates

Older people rigidly insist on their opinions

Positive potential

You accept the rights of others and pay attention to their needs

You know how to discriminate between healthy and overweening ambition

You understand that your task is to fill your role in the theatre of life in as humane a way as possible

You help others to help themselves find their own way

You are the wise, understanding leader who has natural authority

Rock Water bach flower for people to who expect too much of themselves

Rock Water

Behaviour patterns in the blocked state

You have a strong desire for self-perfection

Your life is ruled by dogmatic theories and high ideals

You deny yourself many things because they are not compatible with your principles and consequently much of the pleasure in life is lost

You do everything possible to achieve and stay in top shape; self-discipline is a primary goal

You’ve set the highest standards and force yourself to live up to them, almost to the point of self-martyrdom

You’re unaware of the pressures you constantly place on yourself

You often say “I can’t afford to let myself do this”

You have a workmanlike approach to spirituality, clinging to one particular practise (meditation technique, special diet) and turning it into dogma

You compulsively strive for ever-higher spiritual development without challenging your rigidly fixed ideas

You don’t finish certain projects because you always think they can be improved upon

You secretly look down at people who are playful

You believe that worldly desires inhibit spiritual development; you endeavour to be a “saint on earth,” an ascetic, or a fakir

You fall into your own trap when meditating by wanting to do it too well

You suppress essential physical and emotional needs, such as exercise, sexuality, and food

You reproach yourself if you’re unable to maintain your self-imposed discipline

You very strictly adhere to certain principles in your eating habits, whether vegetarian, macrobiotic, or abstinence from alcohol

You practise the piano until your fingers go numb or ballet until your toes are bloody

Menstruation can be very painful or disrupted

Positive potential

You’re able to hold high ideals yet let go of theories and principles if confronted with new insights or deeper truths

You allow your inner child enough room in your life

You’re respectful of both your physical and your spiritual needs, knowing when each is appropriate

You rely on your Inner Guidance and, due to your natural discipline, are a good example to others