Clinical Observation for Treatment of Allergic Diseases

Clinical Observation of the German BICOM 2000 Device Bioresonance Device for Treatment of Allergic Diseases

By Yuan Ze, Huang Jiali, Wang Haiyan and Yu Chunyan

(Pediatric’s Department of Xi’an Central Hospital, Xi’an, Zip code: 710003)

[Abstract]: The BICOM Bioresonance device (BICOM 2000) produced by the German company Regumed was used in allergen detection and desensitisation therapy in 154 patients. The inverted and amplified biological wave of the allergen was transferred back to the human body for the purposes of desensitisation therapy. Results: total efficacy rate of desensitisation therapy using the Bioresonance system was 89%, with a total cure rate of 78%.

From June 2002 to January 2004, using the German BICOM Bioresonance therapy device, allergen detection and clinical observations were carried out on 154 patients suffering from allergic diseases (including allergic dermatitis, rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma). The results are reported as follows:

Allergy is an abnormal immune response produced by the body when it comes into contact with outside allergens. Allergy may be a too strong reaction or too weak reaction. It will occur naturally when humans are in contact with the allergen in the outside environment.

  1. General Materials:

Among the 154 patients there were 40 cases of eczema, urticaria in 26 cases, 18 cases of contact dermatitis, 3 neurodermatitis cases, 20 cases of allergic rhinitis, 1 allergic conjunctivitis and 46 cases of asthma; of these cases, the 90 were male and 64 were female; ages ranged from 30 days to 61 years in the male patients, and from 20 days to 72 years in the females; the average age of male patients was 30 years, while the female patients’ average age was 36. The course of disease varied from 1 day to 20 years. None of the patients were allowed to take any anti-allergy medicine before allergen detection and during the period of treatment.

  1. Allergy Detection:

Using the infrared scanning and detection system, we were able to test some 400 allergen samples provided in the Bioresonance device or the suspected allergy brought by the patients, with no pain or trauma. Any substance has its own specific wave and particular basic frequency. All humans have the same basic frequency. However, different disturbance waves will be generated when people come into contact with different kinds of substances. Once the increase in disturbance level goes beyond the threshold value, abnormal physiological reactions take place such as allergy, asthma. 1With the bio-wave information of important parts of the body, which is known through being detected at different information points and the removal of all disturbances, the allergen can be detected. Once a patient’s reaction to a given substance exceeds the basic threshold value, we can confirm that he/she is allergic to this kind of substance. Principle: the allergen signal is inverted and fed to the body in mirror image form, which is labeled as the abnormal wave (the wave is produced by the incompatibility between the allergen resonance signal and the human body signal). The allergen is confirmed when the wave in the patient’s body becomes normal. As the causes of allergic diseases are complex, so allergen detection is more accurate in the acute episode phase.

AllergenHouse dust miteMilkYolkProteinLactoseWheatFormaldehydeDuck featherMosquito toxinPeanutsHerbal mixturesHumilisFish mixture

Results of Allergen Detection: 

  1. Treatment:

All patients were treated using the Bioresonance system for desensitisation therapy. The biological waves of different allergens in the information cup were inverted and amplified, before returning these to the patients’ body. Desensitisation therapy in the acute phase: once a day or every other day for 3 to 5 times; for chronic patients, 1~2 times a week for 5~8 times.

  1. Criterion of Therapeutic Effects:

We determine the efficacy based on an improvement in the clinical symptoms and no recurrence within six months of treatment:

Healing: Allergic symptoms completely disappeared and no recurrence within six months following the cessation of treatment;

Significant effect: Allergic symptoms disappeared completely, recurrence with the mild symptoms following the cessation of treatment.

Effect: allergy symptoms were alleviated significantly, but with recurrence following the cessation of treatment

Invalid: No significant improvement in allergy symptoms

Calculation Method: Healing rate = Healing case number / Total treatment case number ×100%

Total efficacy rate = (Healing case number+Magnificent effect number)/ Total treatment case number×100%

Attached  Table:

Clinical Observation Table of German BICOM Bioresonance Therapy Device

Disease name


TotalHealingSignificant effectEffectInvalidHealing rate——-Total rate
Contact dermatitis181511183%————89%
Allergic rhinitis201612180%———–85%
Extrinsic asthma463455274%———–85%
Anaphylactic Conjunctivitis11000100%———100%
  1. Treatment Results:

The total efficacy rate of treatment of allergic diseases using the BICOM therapy device was 89%, with a total healing rate of 78%. During treatment and following the cessation of treatment, no patients felt discomfort or experienced adverse reactions.

  1. Discussion:

We have used a lot of traditional medical treatments for allergic diseases but without significant therapeutic success. In the 1970s German scientists began to study the matter-wave (Bioresonance technology) for the treatment of allergic diseases and achieved a breakthrough in the late 1990s. (1) When Bioresonance desensitisation technology was applied patients experienced no allergy symptoms when coming into contact with the allergen again, or the allergy symptoms disappeared completely even without full isolation from the allergen. Afterwards, unless patients were exposed to the mass of allergens, their symptoms would not recur. Bioresonance technology is founded on the matter-wave theory proposed by the French scientist DeBroglie (the theory  was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1929). The theory holds that substance has a material code with an ultrafine resonance – a specific signal of ultrafine resonance. This specific signal can be transformed and used for disease diagnosis and treatment. There are numerous interpretations related to allergy, and based on the matter-wave theory, that allergy is a biophysical phenomenon (2). The occurrence of allergy in the human body results from the emergence of allergic imprinting, which comes from the human body’s contact with substances and develops from biophysical imprinting with substance information. Allergic imprinting is the root cause of allergic disease. Once the imprinting information is produced by the human body, it maintains quiescence until being re-exposed to the allergen again and activated. Then it generates a biophysical pulse to produce typical allergy symptoms such as skin itching, angioedema, etc. (3) Imprinting is characterised by unique resonance information, which can be collected, amplified and weakened. Each allergy imprint is the only bioresonance pattern of the corresponding allergy, and it can be detected and changed through appropriate means and signals. Using the Bioresonance device to treat allergic diseases, we can reverse the detected allergy signal as its mirror image, and then the oscillation generated by the allergen is reversed (the wave represents a unique specific confirmation code which influences the human body’s allergy memory). Next, the mirror image wave of the reversed oscillation is amplified many times and returned to the relevant part of the body. The wave reversed by mirror image can weaken the wave produced by the original allergen; it can erase the allergy imprinting gradually, making the disturbed waveform normal and so allow the body to recover. (4) Therefore, by using the BICOM 200 Bioresonance therapy device, we feel that BICOM Bioresonance is different from traditional treatment methods: no need for any medicine or injections; patients feel no pain or trauma during treatment; and the therapy course is simple, safe and effective, especially for chronic allergy patients who have seen no improvement after taking medicines for a prolonged period. It can avoid adverse reactions caused by taking antihistamine drugs orally, such as drowsiness and fatigue, or caused by glucocorticosteroid. Thus BICOM Bioresonance is worthy of use in general clinical practice.


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