Live and Dry Blood Analysis

Live and Dry Blood Analysis – What is it?

This analysis tool is very powerful and is revolutionising the way holistic health practitioners assess their clients’ current state. We like to use it before we begin bioresonance therapy so we can visibly show an improvement over a number of treatments. As we run a treatment for you we can also run a live blood analysis which will identify possible underlying imbalances that could be the root cause of your health issues.

Here is what you can expect:

  • You will see visual proof on our screens of the effects of poor lifestyle and dietary choices on your health.
  • Over time you will see visibly that positive changes in diet and your lifestyle results in positive changes to your health.
  • Allow you to view and assess the correlation between health and disease at the cellular level.
  • Provide you with important information about a large number of imbalances and health issues.
  • In addition to the bioresonance test it will identify your most important health priorities.
  • See problems that might that lead to disease while still at an early stage, this is vital to address early with simple natural protocols.
  • Enable you to monitor your progress and to see the effect of treatment. It allows you to test and monitor the effectiveness of any given treatment.
  • Motivates you to follow the program whole-heartedly so that you can see the improvement in your blood.

The evaluation using a microscopic of live and dry blood is a valuable technique used to assess health at a cellular level. Its history goes back to the 1940’s and it is still developing today. A number of independent researchers from across the world have spent many hours behind their microscopes, reviewing thousands of samples and making careful observations about the differences between unhealthy and healthy blood specimens, matching their findings with clinical symptoms and conditions.

What we have come to understand from their research is a technique unparalleled in its accuracy and is very reliable. Live blood analysis is now being used by many holistic practitioners around the world and although we don’t say we can diagnose conditions we can get an understanding of the quality of the blood, which we refer to as the ‘terrain’.

The study of both live and dry blood samples provides us with a valuable insight into the body’s internal terrain, which is made up of the blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic fluid, and the interstitial fluid. These fluids surround every single cell in the body. If a fish is swimming in unhealthy water it will become unhealthy, so if the cells in the body are surrounded by toxins and acids in the fluid they can become poisoned themselves. The reason for looking at blood samples under the microscope is to evaluate the state of the terrain, to see if it is in a state of balance or imbalance. This is very important as changes in the blood happen before the onset of physical manifestation. If the blood and terrain become compromised then it is inevitable that disease will soon follow, but by correcting the imbalance we are able to restore a state of balance and patient health.

Conventional medicine often treats the symptoms of disease, for example medication is aimed at killing bacteria and other pathogens, cancer cells killed by burning or poison or by replacing hormones, natural medicine is concerned with the person as a whole and looking at why the immune system is suppressed. Just like the fish in the tank, if it becomes sick, its the water that is examined and treated or changed, if a plant becomes sick then the soil is examined, so the cells in the body are affected by what they are immersed in.


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