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Allergies “Sarah cannot go outside on high pollen days as her eyes itch and become inflamed and her nose becomes congested. Monica no longer eats strawberries. Every time she bites into the juicy red berries, she gets a rash on the upper part of her body and can’t stop itching. Robert ends up with diarrhea…
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Weight loss

The Bicom device has a Program for weight loss which is discussed below, but it is important to note that weight gain can be caused be a number of factors. Many of the disorders listed on the homepage can contribute greatly, allergies, food intolerance, depression, digestive disorders and especially parasites. In weight loss therapy ear…
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Skin conditions

Skin disease, especially if it affects the face or other visible parts of the body, is an allergic symptom which is often regarded subjectively as particularly unpleasant. The disorder is impossible to hide from other people and fear of possible contagion may lead some sufferers to withdraw from social contact. Allergically induced rashes may affect…
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Serious Illness

In the 1920’s a US  scientist and inventor Raymond Rife developed a microscope that allowed him to observe bacteria. Electron microscopes kill the specimens. He discovered that bacteria could change its form and become cancer causing viruses. When tis virus was injected into rats tumours began to appear. The virus became known as Cryptocides Primordiales.…
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