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Neurological Illnesses and Bioresonance

neurology sign

Neurological disorders ranging from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s disease affect up to one billion people worldwide, according to the United Nations report. It is estimated that about 6.8 million people die each year due to neurological illnesses. In Europe alone, the economic cost of these illnesses was estimated at about 139 billion euros. Furthermore, the impact […]

New Research Links Air Pollution To Alzheimer’s Disease, Bicom Devices Might Be The Answer To These Newly Discovered Risk Factors

Alzheimer disease as a neuropathology memory loss due to brain degeneration and decline as a surreal medical neurology illness concept

Even though we often fail to realize it, mostly due to the fact that we take it for granted, our brains are probably the most important part of our bodies and our “beings”. A healthy brain and mind mean we are able to analyze situations, make decisions that will help us move forward, process information […]