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Bioresonance Therapy And Pet Allergies

woman and dog on grey couch, woman is sneezing into a tissue

Pets are adored by millions of people. Approximately 36.5% of American households own at least one dog, and around 30.4% own at least one cat, as reported by AVMA. One of the most unfortunate conditions to suffer from is pet allergies, especially for those individuals who truly adore their cat or dog. Pet allergies can […]

Bioresonance Therapy And Food Allergies

food allergens such as strawberries, chocolate, nuts, eggs and various other foods

  Food allergies can be unpleasant and, in some cases, even be life-threatening. The Food Allergy Research And Resource Program reports that up to 4% of the United States population suffers from at least one food allergy. There are different types of food allergies, and each person’s body responds in a unique way to substances […]

Bioresonance Therapy And STDs

blood sample positive with STD test

Even though sexual intercourse is a fun and intimate activity, and for many people, essential to the overall performance of their relationship, it is important to note that this particular activity comes with some risks. Sexually transmitted diseases, often called STDs or STIs, are a series of diseases, infections and conditions that are carried from […]

The Basics Of Bioresonance Therapy That All Patients Need To Be Aware Of

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Alternative medicine and therapies are gaining an increase in recognition around the world. More people are starting to take advantage of a more natural approach to treating a variety of conditions, ranging from the common cold to more serious conditions, such as cancer, arthritis and heart disease. There are quite a large number of different […]