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BICOM Optima® Mobile: Effect on Connective Tissue Fibroblasts

a photograph of the Bicom Optima Mobile device propped up.

Investigations on the Beneficial Effects of BICOM Optima® Mobile Bioresonance Device on Cultured Connective Tissue Fibroblasts Dartsch PC* Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institut für zellbiologische Testsysteme, Auf der Voßhardt 25, D-49419 Wagenfeld, Germany Abstract Background The holistic bioresonance method uses the electromagnetic waves it receives from the patient and alters the energy field of the organism. Thus, it […]

Effects of Bioresonance application on MG-63 osteosarcoma cells

ZEYNEP SÜMER, TUĞÇE NAİME GEDİK, TUTKU TUNÇ, KEMAL ÖZERKAN CUMHURİYET UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL, DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY , Sivas CUMHURİYET UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Microbiology pharmocologic Objective: Bioresonance therapy is a method which aims to intervene in the body by means of material specific weak electromagnetic frequencies with the use of specific medical devices where electromagnetic […]