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Bioresonance Therapy and Depression

depressed man holding his head in his hands

Introduction The human race has made giant leaps and bounds throughout the centuries to established itself as the most dominant living species on Earth. This is largely due to the extensive use of scientific discoveries that paved the way for modernisation of the world. The global population has moved away from ancient traditions of manual […]

Bioresonance And Depression

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The general population is often concerned about their physical wellbeing, often obtaining a physical examination from their local general practitioner on a regular basis. Unfortunately, even though people are generally trying to keep their physical wellbeing in check, too little individuals are attending to their mental wellbeing as they are to their physical health. There […]

Alpha-Stim Technology For Treating Depression

woman sat in a dark room on the floor with her elbows on her knees and head in her hands

Depression is a mood disorder that affects an estimated number of 300 million individuals worldwide. It causes disability and can put the life of a person in danger. Even though it is completely normal for a person to experience depressing moods infrequently, when these moods and emotions do not pass, the individual can develop depression. […]