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Bioresonance Therapy Corrects the Immunodeficiency of Chernobyl mice

Sakharov D., Savtsova Z., Indyk V., Kovhsyuk S., Voieikova I., Zaritskaia M., Orlovsky  A.,  Serkiz Ja., Kavetsky R. E.  Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology, and Radiobiology of the National Academy of Science of the Ukraine Lednyickzy G. Hippocampus Research Facilities, Central Division, 1031 Budapest, Nardi tit 67, Hungary, Tel/fax: 36-1-1884865 Abstract: The investigation was carried […]

Scientific Studies for BICOM Resonance Therapy

Scientific Studies for BICOM Resonance-Therapy Download actual PDF document Publisher: Institut for Regulative Medizin   Content   1) Tests on the transduction of acetic acid information via an electronic amplifier (in-vitro-study) 2) Transfer of molecular information using a bioresonance instrument (BICOM) in amphibian trials (controlled blind study, in-vivo study) 3) Bioresonance Therapy corrects the immunodeficiency of Chernobyl mice (in-vivo study) 4) […]