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Bioresonance And Insomnia

man having problems/insomnia, laying in bed on pillow, looking up to grey cloud over his head.

The human body is a rather complex structure that requires certain objectives to survive at an BICOM optima®l level. Sleep is one of these particular objectives that the body requires for proper functionality. With poor amounts of sleep, a person is exposed to a higher risk of developing numerous diseases and even some common ailments, […]

Alpha-Stim In The Treatment Of Insomnia

man laid in background with head in his hands, clock in foreground showing 1:55 AM

We all need to sleep for several hours daily to ensure our brains and bodies can function normally the next day. Unfortunately, not everyone gains enough sleep to keep themselves healthy. While some people may have some late nights at work, others are lying in bed awake, trying their best to fall asleep. Insomnia can […]