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Treatment for Lyme Disease

Tick removal kit to identify and remove ticks and to avoid getting lyme disease.

BIORESONANCE FOR LYME DISEASE Treatment of Lyme disease has been among the most successful ventures of the Bioresonance therapy. Before delving into how Bioresonace works in the management of this disease it is imperative to brush through the basics of this disease. Possible scenario A few days after you are bitten by ticks you develop […]

Lyme Disease: What You Are Not Told

doctor holding card with text lyme disease

Lyme Disease: What You Are Not Told Do you have Lyme disease? Truth is, chances are high that you wouldn’t even know if you had it. This happens because Lyme disease isn’t easy to diagnose, and some doctors often fail to notice it. Although everyone knows Lyme disease exists and knows the basics about it, […]