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It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Thank you for emailing results. I would like to say thank you. Also to tell you that since this morning I have been shocked in a good way about how well I have been feeling. I managed to wake up before everyone today and make everyone breakfast and my son sandwiches for school and also do the washing up! I know may sound silly as normal people take this for granted. I also managed to pop outside and post blood test for Amandeep to you and have a little walk and go window shopping. I was able to make myself food after walk and have been able to do some cleaning and I feel as though I have energy.

It's wonderful to feel well and pain free! I'm hoping this will last. The book has been ordered and so have the cleanses. I didn't expect to feel as well as I do today, I'm not sure what you did yesterday and would like to say thank you.

K Kaur,
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