Stomach issues improved with the aid of Bioresonance?

At the end of March 2020, just at the start of lockdown here in the UK, we received a call at our clinic from a gentleman whose father had advanced prostate cancer, he wanted to know if we could help. His father was suffering from severe sickness, vomiting multiple times a day and not being able to hold food down.

We sent out a home blood test kit, this includes a lancet device which pricks the finger enough to draw a couple of drops of blood onto a cotton swab. This determines what we can do to help. Within a week, we received back two swabs in the post each with a small amount of the gentleman’s blood.

We were able to use this to put in the BICOM Body Check scanner and found stresses in the stomach area.

See scan images for where we found the stresses.


There were other areas of stress that were found in the body, but because of the symptoms he was suffering, we decided to focus on the stomach.

The test found helicobacter pylori which is a bacterium where the germs enter your body and live in your digestive tract. We discussed the results with the client, and he was happy for us to run a therapy. After placing one of the two blood samples into the input cup, we ran a 60-minute session on the BICOM. This consisted of a basic therapy, unblocking and general detoxification as well as a programme to help treat the helicobacter. Meanwhile in the output cup, we put the second blood sample and the BICOM chip. A BICOM chip is a stainless-steel disc with a bandage, which records the frequencies. This was sent out to the client. He was instructed to place the BICOM chip just under the belly button. Through the chip, the frequencies are delivered in 2-3 weeks, it doesn’t fall off in either the bath or shower.

Three weeks later, we had another phone consultation to discuss how the patient was finding the chip. Since having the treatment, the patient had only been sick three times in the three-week period and wanted to continue therapy. We ran the blood sample in the scanner again and compared with the previous scan to see for improvement. See images for comparison.

We then ran another 60-minute therapy and sent out the next chip.

Another three weeks went by and the client reported that he had not been sick at all over the three weeks and his appetite had improved and he was eating normally again and is looking forward to the process continuing. Please see below image for comparison from the first scan until the most recent.

This is just one case of many that proves that people do not have to attend the clinic in order to receive accurate testing and effective therapy.

Please see our other case studies of further evidence of the effectiveness of Bioresonance therapy.