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Viruses and Fungi Tested for

We look for the following on your first visit:

Adeno Virus
Alpha Herpes
Herpes Simplex
Lassa Virus
Beta Herpes
Calici Virus
Corona Virus
Filo Viridae
Flavi Viruses
Gamma Herpes
Epstein Barr Virus
Hepadna Virus
Herpes Viruses
Orthomyxo Viridae
Papova Viridae
Paramyxo Viridae
Parvo Viridae
Picorna Viridae
Pox Viridae
Reo Viridae
Retro Viridae
Rhabdo Viridae
Toga Viridae
Varicella Zoster
Viruses 1
Viruses 2
Viruses 3
Anti Virus
Absidia Mix
Alternaria Mix
Ascomycetes Mix
Aspergillus Mix
Blastomycete Mix
Botryomycosis Mix
Candida Mix
Cladosporiosis Mix
Coccidosis Mix
Cryptococci Mix
Endomycetales Mix
Fusarium Mix
Dermatomycosis Mix 1
Dermatomycosis Mix 2
Madurella Mix
Microspore Mix
Mucor Mix
Penicillinum Mix
Rhizopus Mix
Stachybotrys Mix
Streptomyces Mix
Trichophytosis Mix

Elimination of Aflatoxin
Strengthen Intestinal Defense
Elimination of Endotoxin
Elimination of Fumitoxin
Elimination of Mycotoxin

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