Bioresonance and Early Diagnosis of Relapsing Breast Carcinoma

woman side view in bra with soft white flower covering bra

Breast Carcinoma is a type of breast cancer that begins from the skin and spreads to the other part of the breast. It is made up of a mass of abnormal cells that multiply faster than they ought to be. These cells cause a tumor to develop in the breast of the affected person. There are two types of tumors, benign and malignant tumor. A benign tumor is not harmful to the host because they don’t invade the healthy cells.

Malignant cells are cancerous, they will invade healthy tissues and cells of the surrounding area and can be a metastasis. The main Breast cancer diagnosis involved physical examination, mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI and biopsy procedures whereby a sample of the affected tissues are taken for examination using a microscope. More often surgery is needed for this particular examination.

Recently, the discussion has arisen on whether Bioresonance as a natural healing therapy can be used for early diagnosis of breast cancer. Bioresonance is a German technology that uses applicators to adjust and harmonize your body energy wavelengths and patterns which can help to treat underlying problems in your physiology. Through body processes, your body releases a toxin that could increase electromagnetic waves.

Other things that can cause these waves to include allergies, virus, infections, and antibodies in your body. These electromagnetic waves have different frequencies depending on their intense in the body. Bioresonance therapy helps to identify, regulate and neutralizes these frequencies to normal wavelengths.

This method is becoming a widely recognized method as an effective diagnostic tool, complementary treatments, and alternative medicine. Bioresonance can also be used to diagnose cancer cell. In this case, we are going to find out how Bioresonance can effectively be used for early diagnosis of relapsing breast carcinoma.

How does Bioresonance work

Your body keeps on generating energy and body waves. As long as the wavelengths are uniform, there will be no problem or disease in your body. However, since many activities going on in your bodies such as digestion, excretion, respiration, and others, toxins are released from the systems. These toxins can alter the wavelengths that are emitted from the body. This makes your body to produce abnormal wavelengths.

Bioresonance is a non-invasive therapy that involves applicators. Electrodes are connected to a machine called BICOM® machine through the hands which scans the whole body checking the energy wavelengths and their frequencies. BICOM® will provide a general overview of the affected area which will help to ascertain the right treatment depending on the affected area.

Can Bioresonance be used for early diagnosis of relapsing breast carcinoma

According to the National Cancer Institute, breast carcinoma is a metastasis cancer that can spread to other parts of the body like the lungs, liver, brain, and bones. The National Cancer Institute advice patients to be on the look of the following symptoms when diagnosed with breast carcinoma.

When the disease is spreading to the brain, you may start experiencing seizures, dizziness, and headaches. When it is spreading to the lungs, you may start to experience difficulty in breathing. When it is spreading to the liver, your eyes start to turn yellow, and you start to suffer from jaundice. Lastly, when the disease is spreading to the bones, you may start to experience fractures and joint pains. This will help to act before the disease spreads to these organs.

To determine whether Bioresonance could be used for early diagnosis of relapsing breast carcinoma, a study was conducted on patients in different stages of breast carcinoma using BICOM® machine. The study aimed to answer the following questions

  • Are there different points that indicate whether or not breast carcinoma is a metastasizing carcinoma?
  • What happens when the disease enters stationary phase? A phase where the disease advances.
  • What is the ability of Bioresonance therapy to identified points in terms of sensitivity
  • Are these identified points able to determine the development of the disease?

The BICOM® machine was placed on the patient’s hand on the side of the affected breast. The main points were noted, tested, and they were found to be pathological in different stages of the disease. The study concluded that indeed Bioresonance was able to identify the early stages of breast carcinoma. This in the future could be a tool to help prevent the disease from advancing to later stages.

This study enables the doctors to adopt correct dosage in the patient, avoid unnecessary cost by identifying the right point that needed medication. It also helps to minimize the side effects of the drugs used for treatments because only the correct drugs will be administered. Bioresonance therapy is recommended because it has no side effect on the patient.


When Bioresonance therapy is performed to a patient in early stages preventative measures can be taken that may result in no need of any surgery to be done as the BICOM® machine uses the patient’s energy wavelength to determine stress in the body. It is an effective tool that can help to identify multiple stresses that may contribute to early relapsing of breast carcinoma since it can detect an abnormal wavelength as they start to develop. It is a good tool when patients are attending their normal breast cancer examination. Breast cancer is treatable if diagnosed in its early stages.